Should Cali Jen Keep the Cat?

by , Jun 7, 2008 | 7:15 am

While Jen Newell was moving into her WSOP condo, some other folks were moving out … and from the way she tells it, they were in the process of abandoning their cat. Made her sad, because she’s a cat lover. Well now that cat has returned to her summer-home doorstep, semi-emaciated as the Las Vegas heat begins to pick up.

She tried calling the SPCA and some other no-kill animal refuge, but to her dismay, they weren’t open 24/7. Eventually she did find an all-night animal shelter … and now she’s got a couple days to consider that kitty’s future.

In my opinion, she should keep it. Even with crazy WSOP hours, cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves … leave it some food and beverage and it will return whenever it sees fit, and by some rules of animal law, it becomes yours. At that point, when the WSOP is over, she can take it back with her to Los Angeles. One additional element: Jen had been cat-sitting for some friends for several months, and when they returned to pick up their beloved kitty, she was kinda heartbroken, at least for a day or two, and her Pokerati productivity dropped to problematic levels … so with all this said, and my underlying axiomatic belief that good animals find you, not the other way around … this cat obviously wants to be with her, and whether she admits it or not, she wants to be its semi-absentee mommy … so there you have it — the decision has already been made. Keep the cat. It’s hers. Chalk up a cute little win for California Jen at the WSOP.

But I may be biased, because I have a vested interest in having happy Pokerati contributors. So if you have any non-poker thought that I’m sure she probably wished I didn’t solicit, please share them here.

ALT HED: Good Pussy Is Hard to Find

8 Comments to “Should Cali Jen Keep the Cat?”

  1. Kajagugu

    You should have gone with ALT HED fo’ sho’.

    Anyway, keep the cat CaliJen. Call him ‘Bracelet’. Don’t leave him at a shelter because when he doesn’t get adopted he will be euthanized. So there you have it. Don’t kill the cat!

    (DanM, you can pay me later)

  2. California Jen

    The problem is that the condo I’m staying in for the summer in Vegas specifically prohibits pets. That’s the wish of the owner. And therein lies my problem.

    I do feel that I was meant to find her. I even called the animal hospital in the wee hours of the morning to make sure she’s healthy and the vet didn’t find any problems.

    I’m talking to the condo broker today, and I’m talking to friends who live in Vegas to see if anyone could foster her until I head back to L.A. on July 19th-ish. Gotta find a way…

  3. DanM

    ***The problem is that the condo I’m staying in for the summer in Vegas specifically prohibits pets. That’s the wish of the owner. And therein lies my problem.***

    Perhaps … but does the condo prohibit you from putting a bowl of water and food at your doorstep? I am pretty sure this wouldn’t be in your lease.

    Also, assuming management doesn’t check on the place often, you could be long gone before they realized anything. The eviction process is semi-cumbersome. It would take them at least a month to get you out of there.

    Why not keep the cat until management complains, at which point you say sorry, it was dying … I’ll have it somewhere else in 48 hours and you find a foster. I’d take him/her in, but my dog likes to torment cats. Actually, could be fun, because she has been getting pretty bored while I am gone at the WSOP.

    The other alternative would be to take the cat with you to the WSOP and lock him/her up in the car with all the windows closed up. Just be sure not to leave any lighters in the car if you do that, because they tend to explode in the car during the summer.

  4. California Jen

    Putting that cat back on my doorstep and out in the elements is not an option. I will make sure – at the VERY minimum – she gets to a no-kill shelter.

    Looking for a foster parent and still considering hiding her in this condo and taking my chances. Like you said, who would fault me for taking in a dying cat?

  5. DanM


  6. tbonezz111

    Jen.. hiding a cat in a condo is a no brainer. Have had a few ex’s w/cats that were a “no-no” in their place of dwelling. Easy to hide as you keep food/water and litter in bathroom or your bedroom and even if someone comes knocking on the door you just make sure “bracelet” is tucked away in your closed bedroom. Make sure if you do this tho, you take care of one major downfall. If your windows have blinds you have to make it impossible for the cat to get behind them as they will always want to sit in the windows and give you away.


  7. California Jen

    You guys are fun.

    Seriously, thanks for making me laugh today.

    Update: When I went to visit the cat at the animal hospital, she had already been transferred to a shelter. I’m trying to verify her exact location to go adopt her. Some friends have very generously offered to foster her for me until I head back to L.A. Now, I just have to get my hands on her.

    ALT HED: Dislocated Pussy

  8. DanM

    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.