Viva Italia!

by , Jun 20, 2008 | 1:23 pm

Considering I am a solid 25% Italian and have a vacation planned in Italy this October, I’m rooting for the Italians this WSOP. And mama mia, they are doing it. With two bracelets thus far and more than a few events to go, this could be the year of the Italians!
In an attempt to destroy their language congratulate them, here goes:

Maximillian Pescatori, il pirata italiano, ha 37 anni e grandina da Milano. Ha vinto il suo secondo braccialetto di WSOP questo anno. Ha vinto lo stesso giorno quello primo di 2006 mentre l’Italia ha vinto la tazza di mondo.

Dario Minieri è 23 anni e vite a Roma. Ha vinto il suo primo braccialetto di WSOP questo anno. È stato conosciuto per la conquista della Porsche su PokerStars ma è inoltre un riuscito giocatore in tensione.

Congratulazioni a massimo ed a Dario! Gli italiani intorno al mondo sono fieri di voi!

10 Comments to “Viva Italia!”

  1. tbonezz111

    Ummm.. where are the subtitles?! Or at least a link to Italian-English translation website 🙂

  2. edbucks

    They ARE a couple of funny looking midgets..I mean dwarfs

  3. DanM

    Hmm, it’s kinda like Spanish, only different … When are the Mexicans gonna win bracelets so I can cheer in a broken language?

    (Go Chivas!)

  4. DanM

    BTW, Jen, I am solid 25 percent Italian, too. We have so much in common!

  5. Kevin Mathers

    So the two of you now could root for Dario Alioto, current chip leader in the $1,500 PLO w/rebuy final table

  6. California Jen

    Dan, I might have known you had some Italian in you. Let’s talk about it over some ravioli.

    Kevin, I am rooting for Dario Alioto!

  7. DanM

    But he’s not Mexican! And what fun is it to root for the chipleader?

  8. Poker Shrink

    Jen, which 25% exactly is Italian.

    Dan–nevermind. No really, nevermind!

    50% myself FYI.

  9. DanM

    I’m pretty sure it’s the hairy shoulders, Shrink, thanks for asking!

    So perhaps that’s another way we need to sort WSOP finishers — on a genetic percentage scale?

    Say Jen were to win the ladies event — half her winnings get credited to California, 25 percent to Missouri, and 25 percent to Italy?

  10. edbucks

    The Year of the Midgets..I mean dwarfs