Walking on Watermarks

Why Is Chris Ferguson Special?

by , Jun 4, 2008 | 10:54 am

IT’S A MIRACLE: Full Tilt wasn’t exactly a poker powerhouse in 2000, the year Chris Ferguson won the main event.

There are 35 big banners hanging up around the Amazon room — a pretty cool ring-of-honor thing going on — honoring 38 years of main event champions and four players of the year … and I couldn’t help but notice one of them doesn’t belong. [Insert Tom joke here.]

Chris Ferguson, whose banner lords over the 75/150 Omaha-8 game that has been going on all night and through the morning, commemorates his 2000 win over TJ Cloutier. But look a little closer and you’ll see this photo is hardly authentic — it bears a Full Tilt logo … branding op for a company that didn’t exist at that time. All the other banner mugs feature pics from the feat in question.

The real Chris Ferguson, circa 2000.

UPDATE: Actually there are two of them like this … The picture of Dan Harrington supposedly from 1995 shows him fully decked out in 888 and Pacific Poker gear.

4 Comments to “Walking on Watermarks ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I think there’s more than those two, McEvoy’s looked pretty recent as well from pictures I’ve seen.

  2. Dan M

    Yes, I hate when the facts get in the way of my conspiracy theory.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I could make up something for you Dan.

    How about spreading the rumor that NBC will pick up the WPT.

  4. DanM

    It’s true! They are going to package it with the PokerBowl.