(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 11

by , Jun 9, 2008 | 6:16 am

BREAKING NEWS: GSN does not exercise Season 7 option for GSN. Talks ongoing with GSN to possibly air “parts” of season 7. Press release from WPTE

Happenings from yesterday at the WSOP:

The other final table of yesterday concluded earlier this morning, as Jimmy Shultz took down Event #12 ($1,500 Limit Holdem), eventually beating Zac Flowers in a heads-up battle to win a bracelet along with just over $250,000. Upon his victory, he announced he was donating 25% of his win to the Charleston, SC Fire Department , who lost nine firefighters June 18, 2007. Vinny Vinh, along with his “associates” railing him, finished 3rd.

More info after the jump:

Two more final tables were established on Sunday, first in event #14 ($10,000 7 Card Stud World Championship, will feature this final table (Phil Ivey eliminated on the final table bubble in 9th), starting at 3pm today:

Seat 1: David Oppenheim 508,000
Seat 2: Alexander Kostritsyn 495,000
Seat 3: Jim Paluszek 413,000
Seat 4: Erik Seidel 273,000
Seat 5: Vassilios Lazarou 259,000
Seat 6: Minh Ly 424,000
Seat 7: Fu Wong 429,000
Seat 8: Eric Brooks 359,000

The other final table today is Event #13 ($2,500 NL Holdem). They will appear under the bright lights of the cameras for ESPN360.com (audio coverage may be available at worldseriesofpoker.com). Here’s that lineup:

Seat 1: Brent Hanks: 625,000
Seat 2: Steven Merrifield
Seat 3: Shawn Buchanan: 775,000
Seat 4: Duncan Bell: 1,966,000
Seat 5: Jason Sanders: 920,000
Seat 6: Nathan Doudney: 175,000
Seat 7: Brent Ditzik: 250,000
Seat 8: Nicolas Levi: 320,000
Seat 9: Ariel Soffer: 350,000

Tournament action began on Sunday at noon with event #15 ($1,000 Ladies NL Holdem World Championship). Action concluded shortly after 1am with 62 out of of the 1,190 participants remaining. Among the familiar names: Olga Varkonyi, Evelyn Ng, Linda Johnson and Kathy Liebert. Action begins again for the ladies at 2pm.

The 5pm tournament, Event #16 ($2,000 Omaha 8) finished with 178 remaining from a field of 553. They get to return at 3pm today to try and get to their final table. Current chip leader is Mark Goodwin, other notables in the field include Jimmy “Gobboboy” Fricke, Barry Greenstein, Dutch Boyd, Men Nguyen and David Williams.

Monday’s tournament lineup features another pair of events to those with varying bankrolls. The noon tournament today is Event #17 ($1,500 NL Holdem Shootout). This one may sell out early (it appears registration would be capped at either 900 or 1000) so getting there early would be strongly encouraged to avoid being shutout.

The 5pm tournament is Event #18 ($5,000 NL 2-7 Draw w/rebuys, aka Kansas City Lowball). Only the biggest names (or those with a deep bankroll) enter this field. Erik Seidel took it down last year in a field of only 78 (with 226 rebuys).

More from me later today, other great stuff as always from Dan, Jen and the rest throughout your Monday.

5 Comments to “(Way) Outside the WSOP – Day 11”

  1. Ed

    Is anyone in LV watching event #16? Got a friend in there and was wanting some updates when it starts. His name is Derald Muniz. Last I heard he was at 173,000 at the end of day 1.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Sure it was event #16, that was the O8 event, and no one is over 50k I believe.

  3. Ed

    comma in wrong place. 17,300 🙂

  4. donkey

    Yeah, Ed, he got knocked out by Scotty Nguyen. Tried to muscle Scotty around, and Scotty reraised him all in, saying “baby, you call, it’s all over, baby”

  5. Ed

    Was Scotty even in that event? 🙂