World Standings Update

by , Jun 25, 2008 | 2:58 pm

Through 39 41 events, the California vs. Nevada race for WSOP supremacy gets tighter … I’m already foreseeing a demand for a recount … because with Shannon Shorr alone booking one final table for Las Vegas and another under the flag of Alabama, LV is due for either some addition or subtraction. Not to mention David Benyamine, who is either from France, Las Vegas, or the Weebles Treehouse.

Interestingly enough, Cali and NV are the only two states/countries to have moneyed in every single event. Florida has at least one money finisher in every event except one — #22, the $5,000 7-Stud Hi-Lo World Championship.

UPDATE: Now two — no Floridians cashed in #40, $2,500 2-7 Limit Lowball Triple-Draw. Ha ha.

My beloved Texas has cashed in all but seven events, and remains the only self-acclaimed poker powerhouse yet to book a bracelet.

Newcomers on the WSOP World Poker Leaderboard:
Yukon Territory

Have a look below or see the full, regularly updated list here.

Who would’ve guessed Guatemala would have nearly twice the money finishings of the always pokerfied Costa Rica?

6 Comments to “World Standings Update”

  1. California Jen

    A certain member of the French media has expressed his concern that Benyamine is not showing up in the French numbers. However, he does not have time to leave a comment here. He just wanted to let it be known that Benyamine IS French.

  2. zach

    most poker players move to Nevada so that thing is kind of unfair unless this is the stats for where people were born and raised.

  3. DanM

    Yeah, it’s a difficult one … because I kinda agree that Benyamine should be France, and Shorr should be Alabama. But how many years do you have to live in Las Vegas for one’s status to change? David Williams probably still has spent more time in Texas than Las Vegas, yet he is clearly an LV dude now.

    And what about the players that move to California? Lots of those, too. Men the Master is clearly a California ringleader, so should that state be denied if we were to list him as being from Vietnam? Maybe the real question is how much of that money won goes back to a player’s hometown … but near-impossible to track.

    Ask Benjo: if he doesn’t have time to leave a no-registration-required comment, than can he really expect me to give a shit?

  4. Scott Chaffin

    Imagine that — the French, complaining, through third parties, about Texan doings. Time for some more lethal injections of convicted cold-blooded murdering predators.

    And here I was feeling all good about France after watching The Patriot again.

  5. DanM

    ***lethal injections of convicted cold-blooded murdering predators***

    Scott, I thought you were talking about Texas. If that’s the case, didn’t you mean “innocent and/or convicted murdering predators”?

  6. zach

    mean the master is the worst human being I’ve ever met. most hateful pro alive. He looked at me like he wanted to kill me because I gave him the bring in on stud with a 9 as the lowest card. called me a MOTHER FUCKER haha and he slowed the game down so the players wouldn’t get another hand before the break.