2008 Pokerati Bowling Series is a Wrap… For Now

by , Jul 24, 2008 | 12:08 pm

I know. Amidst the WSOP main event, the Tiffany Michelle hubbub, and the Russ Hamilton-UB connect-the-dots game, you’ve really been wondering, What ever happened to the awesomely exciting Pokerati Bowling Series?

We did have one final session, smack dab in the middle of the main event on July 11. One night, we just couldn’t take the Amazon Room for one more moment and headed over to the bowling alley at the Gold Coast. Prop bets ran amuck, and might I say that it became a bit (understatement) competitive. Team Pokerati member Whit Blanton came in a bit (understatement) tipsy from celebrating his WSOP main event cash and ESPN feature table appearance, Tuscaloosa Johnny smoked his Pokerati writing mates, and Team Pokerati player Jerry Randack took a ton of betting action from the sidelines. Short-stacked Shamus came up just a little short of his goals, but I can see a possible name change to Striker Shamus (or something more creative) if his last frame was any indication, and Haley fell short of her expectations and experienced a (understatement) bit of prop betting/bowling tilt. Harris just hustled us all.

PBS – Event 5 – Game 2A

PBS – Event 5 – Game 2B

All in all, for most of us, it was a great way to end the PBS for the summer. And while many in the poker biz await the trip to Vegas for the “November Nine” at the WSOP final table, some of us may be secretly honing our bowling skills for the 2008 PBS, Part Deux. Bring it!

8 Comments to “2008 Pokerati Bowling Series is a Wrap… For Now”

  1. Uncle Ray

    So the Pokerati Open(?) (or was it an Invitational) is down to it’s final how many? Does everyone still qualify for the finals?

    And do you start with the number of pins earned in June and July or do you start over?

    C’mon, these are questions that need to be answered. We also need a past performance line so we can set up a betting line. It looks like Harris may be at -30 or so, but one game CAN be deceiving.

  2. California Jen

    Oh, Uncle Ray, so many questions, so few answers.

    The Pokerati Bowling Series was an open event, and due to some technical difficulties (such as drunkenness, disorganization, etc.), there is no past performance line. Each game begins with its own betting line based on the number of drinks on the table and how closely anyone involved paid attention to past publicized bowling results.

    Quite possibly, when November nears, we will attempt to come up with a past performance line. Somewhere in my pics, I have everyone’s scores. 🙂

  3. Short-Stacked Shamus

    At least on that last frame I was bowling the ball & not the ball bowling me.

    Thx again for organizing the PBS — an ongoing highlight of the summer, that.

  4. Harris

    I’m not sure it was exactly a hussle, I think the hussle was negotiating the saves half way through before my game fell apart the last few frames 🙂

  5. DanM

    Jen, that was so cruel of you to post Haley’s 123! I’m guessing this might have been one of her worst scores ever — and with money on the line!


    I still think I made a good deal buying out of my Harris bet with my speculative Haley winnings. I think overall I had a few hundred bucks worth of action on those two games — the 1st-ball 8-or-better bets with Jerry were killing me, though I always seemed to hit the strikes on my double downs with him — and yet in the end I finished up about $12. Enough to pay for beers and bowling at the Gold Coast!

  6. Earl Burton

    Those are some sorry scores there, gang! LOL!

    Good to see you had some more fun during the run of action at the WSOP.

  7. DanM

    The floors really were bad that day. We can all do better.

  8. zach

    now I know why I was not invited, I would have murdered you all at bowling….