Binion’s Golden Nugget BJ Tourney Update

by , Jul 12, 2008 | 12:31 pm

Tuscaloosa Hollywood Johnny is playing in a blackjack tourney at Binion’s, or maybe it’s the four queens … somewhere that isn’t the Rio. His first report:

“Won my first table! Now only have to win 3 more and I will be $25k richer!

Ah, yes, the end of Vegas desperation rituals kick in. But go TJ! Gamble-gamble!

One Comment to “Binion’s Golden Nugget BJ Tourney Update”

  1. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    Ha, it’s actually at the Golden Nugget and however a longshot it could be I think it’s worth one C-Note gamble for $25,000…at least if I end up winning I will have spent about a total of two hours at the BJ tables, compared to 50-60 hours in the poker tournaments I’ve played in Vegas (and in the red, of course.) The final three rounds are in the morning.