Evelyn Ng’s Fanboy

by , Jul 5, 2008 | 1:54 pm

During this year’s WSOP main event, there haven’t been too many interesting or ridiculous costumes, and those that have appeared have been ho-hum. But today, coincidentally located just in front of the press box in the Amazon Room, the following scene occurred just after the cards got in the air.

The fanboy is Garry Gates, director of tournament reporting for PokerNews, and the object of his affection is obviously Evelyn Ng. It all started with a Guitar Hero bet, which technically consisted of two bets. The bigger bet was $1000 to the charity of the winner’s choice, and the side bet involved Ng wearing a PokerNews patch on her shirt during the main event if she lost and Gates being Ng’s fanboy – in full costume – for one hour of the main event.

Gates lost the Guitar Hero challenge, all of the three games, though he claimed the third one was close (he scored 99% and Ng scored 100%). Since PokerNews sponsored Gates in the event, they paid $1K to a Canadian hospital for sick children. And Gates proceeded to the costume store to get the outfit. He then showed up here to feed grapes to her and fan her during the first half hour of Day 1C of the main event, though the fanning had to stop when WSOP tournament director Jack Effel decided it was too distracting to other players. Ng then graciously stopped the fanboy activities after that period of time so Gates could get back to work.

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