Final Table Make-up

Teenagers, 40somethings, Nevadans, Old Folks, and Women fail to make the cut

by , Jul 16, 2008 | 4:17 am

Some of us may have gotten a bit sloppy with the development of the final table yesterday — look, I was going on about 5 hours of sleep over the previous three days, and was so hopped up on caffeine and energy drinks that my urethra had constricted to near the size of a coffee stir. Peeing wasn’t painful, but it did take some extra time … and you readers were already in bed on that final day of 2008 WSOP Summer Camp, and I may have been in a rush to the Hooker Bar farewell when deducing that almost all the final tableists were in their 20s and from California, so … not making excuses, just sayin’ … the process of gathering news on the fly can be a bit messy sometimes.

So here is a more accurate recount of who’s really left in the 2008 WSOP main event:


2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table:
Player Name Chip Count Age City State/Country Seat#
Dennis Phillips 26,295,000 53 St. Louis Missouri TBA
Ivan Demidov 24,400,000 27 Moscow  Russia TBA
Scott Montgomery 19,690,000 26 Perth Canada TBA
Peter Eastgate 18,375,000 22 Odense Denmark TBA
Ylon Schwartz 12,525,000 38 Brooklyn New York TBA
Darus Suharto 12,520,000 39 Toronto Canada TBA
David ‘Chino’ Rheem 10,230,000 28 Los Angeles California TBA
Craig Marquis 10,210,000 23 Arlington Texas TBA
Kelly Kim 2,620,000 31 Whittier California TBA


Interestingly enough, Pokerati readers picked a “middle aged white American male” as most likely to win the main event (we discounted a last-minute surge of Jerry Yang votes after he had been eliminated) — and yet 40somethings were completely shut out of the November Nine. (Ask Tom, Pokerati’s resident 40something, I tell him all the time: it’s a lot easier to win when you make the final table.) New era, it seems.

2 Comments to “Final Table Make-up”

  1. Aaron A

    Boy am I pumped up about Craig Marquis. Just the fact that he’s from Arlington gets me excited. You guys are going to bug him for interviews this fall, right??

  2. DanM

    point of order: at age 53, Dennis Phillips would indeed count as a “middle aged white American male.”