Go Batfeces!

by , Jul 26, 2008 | 7:18 pm

I leave Texas and the Batfaces (so 2007) are clearly going to pot … except for all the good stuff they have to say, of course. While catching up on some of the not-sorelevant blogs out there, I came across this post from one of my best friends whom I don’t even know. All I can say is I would’ve expected as much from Shane, but with far better links:

I don’t know about you guys, but has Dan’s lack of content on Pokerati been somewhat disappointing? I’m not talking about Pokerati’s content, just what Dan has posted. My roommate in college first told me about Pokerati about 5 years ago, when most posts were about yall’s home games and the Dallas poker scene in general, and I have been a loyal reader ever since. When Dan started adding contributors like Karridy, and that Michele Lewis chick, I was excited because it seemed like he was getting “more serious.” Then Tom Schnieder came along, Cali Jen started posting, and Dan moved to Vegas and I thought, Wow, pokerati is going to be competing with Pauley’s website, taopoker.com as THE place to follow the WSOP. Man, what a let down. If it wasn’t for Cali Jen (who maybe the best poker writer in the business), and some dude named Kevin Mathews, there wouldn’t be any content. Sure, Dan has the Country Leaderboard, and the occasional 2 minute podcast with Pauley but that’s about it. Where is the live blog, the behind the scene’s stories, the Dallas player profiles, the inside scoop as to what is REALLY going on at the Rio???? Instead, we get pictures of a dumpster fire and talk about All-In Energy drink. Oh well, maybe next year.

14 Comments to “Go Batfeces!”

  1. California Jen

    Best poker writer in the business? Awww, shucks. But, clearly, you’re not reading enough poker material.

    Must defend Dan here. Pokerati was going through some changes (no, not THOSE changes) during the WSOP, and Dan was coordinating it all while handling other non-Pokerati responsibilities as well. And he was there to shed some light on our Team Pokerati members playing in the events, as well as those behind-the-scenes stories like the All-In Energy takeover. If Dan did the same kind of coverage as Pauly, what fun would that be?

  2. DanM

    ***Must defend Dan here. ***
    Very well done. You get a gold star.

  3. zach

    have you ever seen a bat? they’re hidious, lifeless beedy eyes, clawed feet, huge grotiest wings, sharp FANGS!!!!!! they can give you rabies you know…

  4. Ed

    took you THIS long to see that post? if i were a narc i would have told you the day i read it. 😛

  5. DanM

    Ed, you get a black star.

  6. Ed

    at least you are giving me the black star this time and not trying to bribe me with the black tar. i kicked that shit finally.

  7. Robert Goldfarb

    I warned Dan that moving to Vegas was going to be the biggest mistake of his life.

  8. DanM

    Didn’t Jack Nicholson say something similar to Heath Ledger about playing the Joker?

  9. michele lewis

    In Dan’s defense… there was documentation over on taopoker that he was showing his face at the Rio much earlier this year. And Dan, did you write feces in the title on porpoise?

    I’ve gone from black widow to cougar to chick… I hope cow or pig is next.
    And Jen is not only good but a hard worker as well. 🙂

  10. Poker Shrink

    You are not a successful blogger unless you are brutally flamed at least once a month. But again Pauly wins the WSOP title for 2008 with the kind comments by nut job who wished me would have died in his car crash. Ah fans, you gotta love em.

  11. DanM

    Thanks for your support guys, but really … let’s call a spade a upside down Satanic spade and acknowledge I work really hard at not working, and “PokerNOTi” is a great friggin’ hedline. So the fact that Gripper noticed this is all good. He’s clearly a total fucking idiot observant. I mean what, does he expect me to show up at the WSOP every day?!? I’m just a little sad that I didn’t get the Batface memo that I have a new best friend — and really it’s all about Shane doing some new rankings.

    Michele, as to the “bat feces,” indeed … yes, indeed, that is my SEO ploy to commandeer all traffic from people searching the internet for the excrement of flying mammals.

  12. DanM

    BTW, when not sucking/misspelling names as if the Batfaces weren’t a bunch of lawyers and journos, they really are some funny motherfuggers:


  13. anon

    “When Dan started adding contributors like Karridy, and that Michele Lewis chick,”…

    Funny… I’m usually seen as a Shark Jump addition.

  14. tinyb

    That’s funny shit.