Go Team Pokerati — Doh!

by , Jul 11, 2008 | 2:32 pm

With a double-up on his first hand, and a favorable flop on his next push, we started to believe … alas, the World Series has ended for Whit, who repped Dallas, Texas, Pokerati, and average white guys with day jobs well.

Whit is now 2-for-2 when it comes to main event cashes. This year he’ll be bringing home 28,950 pre-tax American dollars to donk off in Oklahoma.

Net: +$18,950

Not bad for an extra-exciting summer trip to V-town.

Mean Gene‘s official hand recount for PokerNews:

Whitney Blanton Eliminated

A few hands after doubling up against Adam Zinn, Whitney Blanton again moved all in and was called by Sarkis Akopyan. Blanton held [cards]kc qc[/cards] to Akapyan’s [cards]as js[/cards] and took the lead from Sarkis when the flop came [cards]th kd 9h[/cards]. But the turn brought the [cards]qs[/cards], giving Akopyan the straight and leaving Whitney needing a king or queen for the full house. But the {4-Hearts} fell on the river and Blanton’s Main Event came to an end.

4 Comments to “Go Team Pokerati — Doh!”

  1. donkey

    Hey Dan, one of the names left in the ME is Allen Carter. The Allen Carter I know is a hell of an online player from Dallas. These are his stats with a big score last month on UB.


    I tried to text him, but he hasn’t responded to me, let him know I said hi.

  2. donkey

    Allen texted me back, he’s still in. Good job Allen, go Dallas Poker!

  3. DanM

    We’ll see if we can’t find him. He looks to be right now at a comfortably below-average stack of about 480,000

  4. donkey

    A couple of years ago, Allen won 5 Main Event packages online, YES, 5! If he double up, he’ll be the one to watch.