Online Gambling Raid in, of course, Texas

by , Jul 5, 2008 | 2:59 am

Perhaps inspired by the amount of money police forces take in from poker raids, police in Port Arthur, Texas, raided an internet cafe that was allowing patrons to gamble online — the first bust of its kind in our nation’s history. In a way this would be awesome if it forced the UIGEA into court — but we know the routine … plea down to an irrelevant if not disappearable criminal charge … shut down the operation and make the purveyors sign over any confiscated cash.

All I can say is wow. Can’t believe I didn’t think of opening such a joint I guess you can’t really have multiaccounting problems with online slots Wonder if federal authorities realize the UIGEA caused this, and if Texas officials see the clear citizen demand to expand gambling options in the Lone Star State. Interestingly enough, police say the problem wasn’t internet gambling per se — they don’t have much problem with it done in private — but with the public nature of a business set up to help senior citizens circumvent the banking nuisances created by the UIGEA.

Tomatoes/Tomahtoes, really … because you can arguably say police simply saw it as an opportunity to claim moral righteousness while adding to its asset forfeiture stacks.

One Comment to “Online Gambling Raid in, of course, Texas”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Watching the video at the link, they mentioned that the police spent two months investigating the Internet Cafe gathering evidence. Other investigations in Texas regarding any sort of raid always seem to take a lot longer than they should to gather evidence. Shouldn’t after the second visit give them more than enough evidence for them to figure out what’s going on?