RE: UB, It’s Time to Show Some Respect …

by , Jul 22, 2008 | 3:19 am

Jen, I was just doing a little research on the upcoming Red River Roundup — recently retitled to the Winstar World Championship Series / The River — and I noticed that Annie Duke is one of the hosts (along with Greg Raymer and Norm Hitzges) … and in their promotional stuff, she’s not wearing any UB.

I’m sure she has almost nothing to do with this — most likely Greg told her it was a good tourney, she was happy to accept a check to show up, and the Winstar’s web people ganked an old PR image off the internet — but still, just found it interesting to see her out of UB uniform. Also interesting to see a Kahnawake squaw working with the Chickasaw. Historically these two nations never battled, but I don’t think you would ever see a Cherokee dude like Scotty Nguyen make the tribal crossover.

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  1. California Jen

    This is interesting… She almost always wears the UB logo, though this could simply be a (Glamour Shots) photo that she pulled from the archives.

    Will ask her about that, too…

  2. Ed

    Does she wear UB “tags” on that Winstar show? I caught one Sat night that came on while I was feeling a bit ill so I was a little out of it and don’t remember if I saw anything on her.

  3. DanM

    I’ve been hearing about this WinStar show … but don’t know anything about it. Sounds pretty cool — but had no idea it was an Annie Duke joint. Tell me more if you can.

  4. Brian

    I have watched this show and played up there in that tourney ans saw Annie and she does not wear any UB gear at all, Greg does not wear any sponsorship gear (Pokerstars?)either. This is a pretty good little tournament they put on up there.

  5. Ed

    The show is pretty much a heads up game for an hour. They quickly go over the bust outs of the final table at the beginning and then show the last two duking it out.

    Annie and Greg chit chat with the other guy during hands and before/after commercials about “stuph”.

    And yes I noticed Greg had not “tags” on himself. Maybe something the folks putting the show together did not want.

  6. Brian

    The other person doing commentary work is Norm Hitges a radio personality in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Ed is right they show mostly the bust out hands of the other players until they get to heads up.

  7. GarryM

    From what I have seen of the show, it is just the final table of the monthly qualifier tournament to the River. They seem to take 3 or 4 weeks to show all the play at the final table.

    I think the Winstar people have paid them to not advertise websites that will take away from their potential business.