St. Louis roots for Dennis Phillips

by , Jul 14, 2008 | 7:04 pm

While doing some research on your final 14 I came across a forum called St. Louis Today in which Dennis Phillips’ citymates are rooting him on.

Here’s what poster Tim McKernan had to say about the 53-year-old commercial account manager:

I’m pulling for him big time.

I played against him once…two weeks ago at Harrah’s. I had no idea who he was…as I rarely play “live” games in St. Louis. But, when I sat down, he was in seat 1, and I was in seat 9.

One of my friends came over and said, “Beware of that guy. He’s one of the best players out here.”

He got short-stacked early on some bad beat from some nitwit player…and I was able to take him out when I was fortunate enough to have a full house.

I noticed everybody took a sigh of relief when he went out.

Now I understand why.

It turns out he had won back to back tournaments out at Harrah’s.

You can’t do that on “luck.”

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