The media event

by , Jul 7, 2008 | 3:02 pm

As the lone Pokerati participant in the annual WSOP media push fest, I tried to represent the best I could and made it through about half the field before succumbing to the blind onslaught (i.e. I ran 9-9 into A-A), but along the way there was fun.

I had hoped to take out Jason “Spaceman” Kirk since he crippled me in the event last year, and was fortunate enough to not only draw his table but also the seat to his immediate left. However, we never tangled in a large pot. Instead, I doubled up early with A-A against the 10-10 of the guy who won the 30-minute massage at a drawing before the tournament began.

“I still get the massage, right?” he asked before putting his chips into the pot against my all-in bet. (The action was 150 from me, 350 from him and all in from me…25-50 blinds and 2,000 starting stacks)

Anthony Holden was moved to my table and I had to take a shot at busting him. I limped for 100 with 10-J and Seth Palansky, the Harrah’s PR guy, made it 200 to go. Holden called in the BB and I called. After a flop of 10-3-2 I checked to Palansky and he only bet 300. Holden pushed in for 650 and I had to take a shot at a good story so I pushed. Palansky called for his last chips. I was ahead on the flop — K-5 for Holden and 4-6 for Palansky, but the 5 on the turn gave SP a big pot.

I then got crippled when Ali Nejad was moved to the table and shortly pushed with A-6. I called with 10-10 and the ace hit the flop. I doubled through Palansky on a coin flip and was able to push a few people around on blind steals when the stakes went to 200-400 with a 50 ante before running into aces.

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  1. BJ Nemeth

    How was the turnout? And were there any Harrah’s-style “celebrities” this year? I get the feeling that this year’s media event was somewhat smaller than previous years, and with less ceremony involved. (But I wasn’t there, so I don’t know for sure.)