The Non-Calm Before the Storm

Parties Abound With WSOP Main on the Horizon

by , Jul 2, 2008 | 3:53 pm

The WSOP party season has begun… I’ve hit two of the parties this week and plan for more as the week progresses, but I can’t see myself getting crazy with it. I must say that it’s a nice break from the daily grind of tournaments, though.

On June 30th, I attended the All In party at the Palms pool. The place was packed with more people than I expected. On the other hand, the door was completely disorganized. Some people got right in, while others who were supposed to be on the list were held up for quite awhile. I was supposed to be on the media list, but no one ever checked or even seemed to have a list, so I finally just got in on my word. And when I attempted to get a VIP pass through a friend, they had run out of them and looked a little panicked about it.

Free drinks were evidently a short-lived offer, and the bar in the VIP area was completely understaffed, causing patrons to have to wait 20 minutes or more for a drink. All in all, though, it was a large enough space for everyone, and most seemed to be having a good time. The entertainment for the evening was a rap act, which obviously got me excited until I saw that it was the guy who did the All In rap video with Johnny Chan. Yep, this one. And he did that song, followed up by the playing of the video of that exact song he just performed. Hmmm. But once the DJ came back and spun some good hip-hop tunes, the normal party atmosphere returned.

All in all, so to speak, the All In crew didn’t seem prepared for the kind of interest they generated, but the event went over well despite the snafus.

Last night, July 1st, the World Series of Barbecue took place at the Golden Nugget pool/shark tank. Howard and Susie Lederer team up with Steve Zolotow to have this shindig each year, and last year it was at the Zolotow home, but evidently there were some problems with the legality of shooting professional fireworks in a residential zone. So, they took the party to a public place this year… It was my first year in attendance, and it was fabulous!

Free drinks complimented the incredible buffet – filet mignon, lamb chops, hummus and stuffed grape leaves, pork from a terrified looking dead pig, taco fixings, and an incredible dessert set-up. The music was great, though it was interrupted by a Guitar Hero competition hosted by Evelyn Ng. After Jeff Madsen competed, he did an impromptu rap, as did Phil Ivey’s cousin. The two rappers ended up in a bit of a rap battle, which was more than entertaining to watch! (Ivey’s cousin won hands down, but Madsen wasn’t half bad.) Karaoke then took over the majority of the late evening hours.

Shortly after 10pm, the fireworks went off in grand fashion. Honestly, it was an extraordinary display! The karaoke continued after that and the party began to wind down as midnight neared. All the while, Phil Ivey hosted the charity tournament through his Budding Ivey Foundation in “The Grand” ballroom. Good times all around the Golden Nugget…

Tonight, the Ante Up for Africa after-party is being held at PURE but invitations are scarce. I think I’ll end up at the Bluff/Doyle’s Room party at Sapphire, which is where most of my friends are going. Besides, who am I to refuse an invitation to a party with tons of sexually frustrated men strip club party?

12 Comments to “The Non-Calm Before the Storm”

  1. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    For the record, as a married man I will be NOWHERE NEAR the Bluff Party. Got that, Amy?

  2. bundas

    Well Jenn and Dan who can I call to get my name on the list for the bluff party tonight? Dan has my cell …

  3. California Jen

    Bundas, you can just show up. They’re handing out flyers all over the Rio Convention Center. Just tell the door people at Sapphire you’re there for the Bluff party and forgot your postcard/flyer. I can’t guarantee it, but I’m 90% sure you can get in.

  4. DanM

    And yo, Bundas, dude, where have you been all WSOP?

    That’s the best way to get invites, ya know … to actually be part of the group having/enjoying the party. At least one of us has been at the Rio every single day for the past 30+, which is why we want to get out and let loose a bit. Working the Series is kinda what we talk about at said parties, ya know? (That and boobies and about being sick of the Rio by now and about what pros are on what drugs, who’s broke, and who’s fucking whom for how much money, sexually and poker-wise.) Good times! Jeffrey Pollack usually shows up, too.

  5. bundas

    I’d rather not just chance showing up and not being able to get in… I just thought someone of your talent and good looks you had some pull to get me added to the list…

  6. DanM

    There’s also a Pocket 5s party, I think … at the Palms maybe?

    BTW, anyone know who won the All In tourney? (I know it wasn’t me, Lance Bradley, or Michele Lewis.

    Rounder Club Tim cashed for about $1k, I believe. (Sorry my Albanian friend, I don’t know your last name … Starvechi, maybe? Unikkital?)

  7. California Jen

    I don’t think there’s a list. The flyer is a sure way to get in. That’s all I know.

  8. bundas

    So you didn’t get on the list either huh Dan …

  9. California Jen

    No idea about the All In tournament. Didn’t even know where the tables were. Too busy being shut out of the charity event and bitching about it.

  10. bundas

    was this the flier

  11. DanM

    ***I’d rather not just chance showing up and not being able to get in… I just thought someone of your talent and good looks you had some pull to get me added to the list…***

    I can appreciate that, because really, they should let me and my people in just about anywhere. but reality is that in vegas, i have found the velvet rope to generally be a coinflip situation.

  12. California Jen

    Yes, Bundas, that’s the flyer. Print it and come on by.