Tiffany Michelle Ends WSOP Run

Last Woman No Longer Standing

by , Jul 14, 2008 | 5:42 pm

Well, that sure didn’t last. Pokerati’s only just-like-family player in the main event has been eliminated.

After losing momentum throughout the day, Tiffany Michelle’s last hand and last stand went down as reported by PokerNews:

Dennis Phillips raised to 500,000 from UTG, Peter Eastgate called and Tiffany Michelle called from the big blind. The flop was [cards]Ad Th 9c[/cards]. Michelle checked, Phillips bet 1,000,000, Eastgate called and Michelle sat, propped up on her knees for about a minute before annoucing, “All in.” She had about 3.8 million behind. Phillips folded and Eastgate called.

Eastgate [cards]As Ah[/cards]

Michelle [cards]Ac Jd[/cards]

Tiffany Michelle needed serious help. Her top pair needed running straight cards to beat Eastgate’s set of aces. The turn was the [cards]5h[/cards] and Michelle was drawing dead. The river was the [cards]6d[/cards] and Tiffany Michelle’s Main Event run came to an end. She exited the stage in 17th place to a standing ovation.

Nice run, chica! Sorry we won’t be seeing you at the final table…

4 Comments to “Tiffany Michelle Ends WSOP Run”

  1. Ed

    Hey Jen..did Dan not tell you about the cool plugin for posting cards?

    [cards]As Td Jh[/cards]

  2. California Jen

    Ed, he did not. I’ll have to learn that someday. 🙂

  3. DanM

    Ed, I think your cards are marked.

  4. Ed

    Jen, I will edit this post so you can see how it is done. That is…if you even see this comment about me editing the post.