Tokwiro Enterprises Being Investigated

KGC Puts Investigator on Company Owned by Kahnawake ex-Grand Chief

by , Jul 28, 2008 | 1:48 pm

Oooooh, somebody might be in trooooouble! Or this could be a necessary step to ensure that the CEREUS network will have no problems. Either way, the situation is getting dicier.

Less than a week after the Kahnawake Gaming Commission finally stepped into the UltimateBet fray and noted that it’s hoping to have a final decision released in the coming days, the KGC has released another statement. This one is interesting in that it details the beginning of a new and separate investigation, this one into Tokwiro Enterprises, the parent company of UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. The most noteworthy aspect of this situation is that Tokwiro Enterprises is owned by Joe Norton, former Grand Chief of Kahnawake. Yep. Take that and put in in your pocket.

The details of the independent investigation being launched is in the full copy of the statement below:

Mohawk Territory of Kahnawa:ke
July 27, 2008

Effective immediately, the Kahnawa:ke Gaming Commission (KGC) has appointed an independent monitor, led by former New Jersey State Gaming Regulator, Frank Catania, to investigate the KGC Licensee, Tokwiro Ent., parent company of both Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.

Mr. Catania is a former Director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the regulatory and enforcement agency responsible for maintaining integrity and trust in all Atlantic City gaming operations. As division director, he was a driving force in updating the New Jersey Casino Control Act by fine tuning the balance between regulatory necessity and economic stewardship. After leaving the DGE, he served as the vice president in charge of compliance for Players International, Inc. where he was instrumental in resolving compliance issues the company had encountered in the State of Louisiana, prior to his appointment. He is a principal in Catania Gaming Consultants and the Law Offices of Catania & Associates LLC

The Independent Monitoring Team will be given the task of completing a full forensic audit/investigation of the online gaming business of both licensed entities. The main purpose of the investigation is to ensure that the games offered to the public are fair and honest and that all player protections as required by the Kahnawa:ke Gaming Regulations are being complied with, without exception. The monitoring team will also be charged with verification that all those involved in the fraudulent activities in any manner, no matter how slight, have been or are removed from the licensee company and verify that Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker have submitted to full compliance with the directives issued by the KGC and recommended by the independent monitor.

Furthermore, Mr. Catania’s team will be empowered by the KGC to have full access to interview all employees, past or present, review all records, contact and interview all sub contractors and individuals whom the monitoring team believes necessary. Any failure by the licensees could result in immediate revocation of their license privileges with the KGC. In the event that any criminal activity is found to have occurred, such activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities for possible prosecution.

KGC License Holder, Tokwiro Enterprises has agreed to comply fully and submit to this independent monitor.

KGC Chairman, Dean Montour adds, “While the ongoing investigative process has dominated the attention of the KGC in recent months, we are fully confident in the ability of the Independent Monitoring Team to deliver results and assist the Commission in bringing this matter to a decisive conclusion.”

As per the terms of the monitoring agreement, and at the conclusion of the process, the KGC will review the report of the monitoring team and enter the results into their final considerations at the time of ruling in the Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker investigations.

Murray Marshall
Senior Advisor
Kahnawa:ke Gaming Commission

2 Comments to “Tokwiro Enterprises Being Investigated”

  1. Poker on TV

    I don’t think anyone knowledgeable in these things believes Joe Norton actually owns AP/UB. He’s commonly believed to be a front for the real owners, AP’s founders, mainly the Tom and Tatum families.

  2. Earl Burton

    This whole situation is stinking more and more. The KGC has to do the only logical thing: end their association with UB, AP and any entity that operates either of the rooms (and this includes CEREUS or whatever the hell they want to call themselves).

    If the KGC takes away their licensing and computer operation of these rooms then, yes, they will be free to do what they want. They will also, however, have been exposed for the fraudulent companies that they have become.

    And yes, this bothers me…UB was the first room I played at and have always thought highly of their pros and operational personnel. The direction that they have taken, however, leaves a sour taste in online poker for me and especially for UB, AP and any entity that wants to “run” them.