Un-Stalking Mekhi Phifer

by , Jul 3, 2008 | 9:17 pm

I’m seriously trying to stop it. In truth, I wouldn’t call it stalking… But every time I see the hot talented actor/producer/director in a field of poker players at a tournament, I just can’t help myself. But it is true that I haven’t exactly covered Ray Romano or Jason Alexander the same way… I suppose I might have a bias toward Mekhi.

When I saw Mr. Phifer at the Ante Up for Africa tournament yesterday and proceeded to take his picture, he had a certain look about him, one that said, Seriously? You again? or A call to Security might be in order here. So, when I was told that he was in the field today, I got control of myself and decided that I should leave him alone for the day. I already know he will be at a party I’m attending on Monday night, so I shouldn’t overdo it.

But lo and behold, he is sitting close to media row. Argh! Self-control is hard! But when I was made aware that he was doing quite well, I looked from afar and asked Dan to take a picture of his chip stack.

Take a look at that stack – it’s huge! Seriously, though, he had 55K going into the dinner break and seems to be playing a good game today while trying to stay under the radar. If it wasn’t for my well-intentioned and un-scary inability to stop following him around the poker tables his PokerStars patch, he might just go unnoticed.

UPDATE: Phifer has been eliminated from the tournament with less than an hour left in Day 1A.

10 Comments to “Un-Stalking Mekhi Phifer”

  1. Lisa

    I was sort of hoping that someone would tell Mekhi (can I call him that?)that it was your birthday and he would do something special for you/us. Like take off his shirt and pose for a picture.

    Ahem. Hi Robert. :O)

  2. California Jen

    Lisa! You’re with me? Thanks for not leaving me alone in my adoration. 😉

    I’m telling you, I think if Mekhi was asked to take his shirt off for me, there would be security issues for sure. I’m treading on thin ice as it is!

  3. Lisa

    I’m simultaneously laughing and getting chills. :o)

  4. Poker Shrink

    The word you are looking for is stalker.

  5. Poker Shrink

    ….which is actually much nicer than the other term I was thinking of. But being that this is a R rated site, we will let the Wicked Chops Boyz call this one.

  6. California Jen

    Shrink, do you think I need help?

    Seriously, this is my UN-stalking post. Don’t you see the difference in my behavior? 😉

  7. Lisa

    Do stalkers usually out themselves on blogs? If so, a lot has changed since I was last stalked. For the better, I’d say.

  8. DanM

    You girls are sick. Though I have to admit he did have an impressive 11-inch stack in front of him to play with. (Rimshot!)

    Anyone know how he ended up today?

  9. California Jen

    Dan, see my update at the bottom of the post. He’s out of the tourney.

  10. Poker Shrink

    In response to your question about whether you “need help”—–
    You have been in a poker room every day for the last five weeks, when you do get away you tend to be in the company of individuals like Dan, need more be said?