Betting on Winstar/Harrah’s

by , Aug 18, 2008 | 5:11 pm

As Dan has informed me, my gambling has become a problem. However, the compulsive gambling that I’ve been accused of takes place nowhere near a casino. And quite honestly, in this game of roulette, I’m betting on the house.

Pokery Domains I own… And, yes, would consider selling 😉

*** Oklahoma Poker ***
REDRIVERROUNDUP.COM/.NET – I don’t think Winstar abandoned this one after the rebranding. I’m thinking they never thought to buy it.
WINSTARBLOG.COM – Not bad. I actually know the guy who bought,.net, etc. He’s somewhat to blame for my addiction.

*** WSOP/Harrahs ***
THENOVEMBERNINE.NET,.CO.UK,.INFO,.ORG,.TV – Not sure why somebody doesn’t buy all versions of the domain. Didn’t they learn anything from the ownership battles?

*** Texas Poker ***

*** Misc Poker ***

*** Poker People ***

21 Comments to “Betting on Winstar/Harrah’s”

  1. Kevin Mathers
    says: is owned by a blogger, is probably owned by someone else looking to make a quick buck. Maybe you should get in touch with Dutch Boyd, he was trying to sell his 1000+ domain collection to get a stake into the 50k HORSE event this year.

  2. Karridy

    I was about to declare it a little-know fact, for the interest of DFW locals, that Dutch Boyd owns But in doing my fact-finding (Sorry, Dan. I know your policy, but had to), I found out that he doesn’t own it anymore.

    …I do. Along with and I told you I have a problem.

  3. DanM

    So how’s the domain squatting working for you as a career, Karridy? I can’t believe you haven’t made a mint on yet. (Doesn’t that technically need an umlaut? I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be anteë

    You know the funny thing is … I know these are the best of your domains. If all domain-buying addicts put their worst sites up online, that would make a great website …

    and hey, whaddya know … is for sale!

  4. DanM

    Dude, is available! so gonna buy it and sell it to you for 20 pounds.

  5. DanM

    OK, maybe I should stop mocking …

    I just learned has been squatted on … by some operation called PokerTrillion … based in Malta. And apparently there are some shady mo-fos in Malta (where UB and AP at least temporarily made their headquarters) as they are involved in a lawsuit against Boss Media (the people behind bwin, Sportingbet, and William Hill):

    Such bullshit. I wanna sue somebody, too!

  6. Karridy

    So is

    And these aren’t my best domains. I have a few that I don’t dare post, and some that were’nt relevant. is a fav of mine. And who else can actually get their first name as a domain?

    Not this bitch

  7. DanM

    looks like is owned by Scandis. Pokerlistings maybe?

  8. Kevin Mathers

    Update on the pokertrillion story:

  9. DanM

    Karridy, look what you’ve started … I am now the proud owner of!

    I was gonna just give it to you as a gift … but Sit-n-Go Steve has asked if he could put in a bid.

  10. DanM

    Damn, Kevin, that seems like it’s actually a pretty big story — vs. Boss Media. Thanks for sharing it. And how coincidental that all that’s going down … TODAY!

    I also noticed 2+2 has a new featured called FTSweat — — basically a knock-off of Pokerati’s CSR.

    There really is no such thing as an original idea, is there?

  11. donkey

    By far, the best one on the list is

    It is,”ho, wi win” right? I think there’s a pimp out there looking for a good domain.

  12. DanM

  13. Karridy

    Donkey, I actually bought that hoping to post some screen-cap vids of talking through their victories. Prob is, those winners are becoming losers. (No, not you Tom. Don’t be so sensitive. Sheesh.)

    …You run in those crowds, Donkey. You know any Viet pimps looking to create an online presence? Maybe a “Howie Nguyen”?

  14. Kevin Mathers

    Regarding FTSweat, I think it got co-opted into 2+2. It got started around the same time as the CSR stuff.

    Speaking of competing companies with the same idea, Card Player’s got a strategy show called Calling Station, its first guest is Justin Bonomo. Pokerroad is having it’s own tournament strategy show do a taping later this week called All Strategy. This show is hosted by Scott Huff, Daniel Negreanu, and … Justin Bonomo.

    The first PokerTrillion story linked was from back in April, it’s just some weird coincidence that there was something else that came to light earlier today.

  15. Ed

    A friend of mine and I grabbed the domain and I gathered up many pics that fit with the site name. We just never did anything with it and gave the domain up instead of renewing it. If we were not so lazy I think we could have been rich by now.

  16. DanM

    I am really proud to see Pokerati as the place to discuss URL ideas that have nothing to do with contributing anything new and worthwhile to society … but rather just trying to leach off of others. Next thing you know we’ll be talking

    Hey Ed, you know that guy Mike from the Lodge? (the customer, not the manager.) He’s a professional asshole spammer. Seriously. Makes like 10k a day by polluting the internet. but has to always look over his shoulder, can’t use his real name, etc. and doesn’t know the meaning of love.

  17. DanM


    the key to any successful website is being passionate about your subject matter.

  18. Ed

    The only Mike I can think of I thought was some entertainment promoter guy. Have not been in a long time so prob just not remember any other Mikes.

  19. DanM

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s the guy — tall, semi-muscular dude whose only friend is Sang.

  20. Ed

    Shaved head and pretty much knows all the girls up there on what I felt was a level higher than just being a customer. (if ya know what I mean)


    I have owned for many many years. If you wanna talk email to