CSR Report

by , Aug 16, 2008 | 1:50 am

Ti, 1/3, 2.5, 400, 2, 750, 2

4 Comments to “CSR Report”

  1. Harris

    What’s the last catagory?

  2. DanM

    extra money spent — specifically that 2 represents $2 for valet parking. however, perhaps I also shoulda included 15 for post-game beers?

  3. Harris

    Hmmm, well I think it should be both or neither. I don’t use the poker bankroll for anything other than direct poker expenses and wouldn’t consider valet or after poker beers as such. Those kind of things come out of my extra spending money or ‘petty cash’ account. I should keep better records of the cash I spend since most of my income is cash but even so that would be seperate accounting, not poker related.

  4. DanM

    I hear ya on the importance of keeping poker bankroll separate. But you have to include ancillary expenses for a net up or down overall. I know, pretty much, every time I play in Vegas it’s gonna cost me $2 to play … because I am a lazy valet parker (and don’t seem to do well in rooms with convenient self-parking).

    While this seems negligible, imagine if I were playing higher stakes. For the guys flying around to play in Vegas, AC, or wherever, those travel expenses are critical to their poker bankrolls. Otherwise they will eat right through perceived winnings.

    But where do you draw the line, of course, is another question. I don’t think steak-and-eggs at 5 a.m. had anything to do with poker, but if I am incurring some expenses (beers, e.g.) at the casino, very much connected to my poker outing … well I’m not so sure.