Full Tilt Payout Probs?

by , Aug 5, 2008 | 2:42 pm

“Boston Pedro” writes in with some concerns about Full Tilt’s latest speed-bump in their ever-changing UIGEA-hampered payout processing:

Hey Dan-

I am having an issue with FTP where they owe me $4500 and previously I have not had an issue with them direct depositng money or sending me a check. Over the last month, they have “sent my withdrawal to the processor but are having difficulties with their processesor and are not hearing back from them”. Have you heard any similar complaints? if you post this, please do not use my name or info….thanks.

Hmm, yikes. I followed up with Pedro letting him know I recently withdrew money from Full Tilt and it took about three weeks to arrive in my bank account, and he said indeed, he had had the same experience, until recently.

Three weeks has been the norm. But this has been considerably longer, and it is concerning that they are admitting an issue.

The best I can tell you now is to be patient — Full Tilt moneychangers seem to change with regularity. And fortunately they don’t seem like a company who’s owners want to rip you off, so I suspect this problem will resolve itself soon. I know that’s not the answer you’d really like to hear, but for now it’s the best I’ve got.

If anyone else out there has more insight on the matter, by all means, please share.
Perhaps the more important question, however, Shmawstin Shmete, is … you are clearly continuing to do well online. So why on earth have you not become any semblance of a threat at the big-tourney live tables in Las Vegas, Foxwoods, Shmoklahoma, or wherever?

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    There’ve been numerous threads on 2+2 (especially in the Internet Gambling forum) covering the various issues with receiving checks from FTP. Also a hindrance was the $24m the government recently taken from payment processors (because of their connection with Bodog): http://tinyurl.com/5l7pkc

    And Bodog’s response:

  2. DanM

    Very interesting. Hmm, seems like these issues are very likely related.

    BTW, notice our comment machinery is trying to turn your reference to Full Tilt Poker into something related to File Transfer Protocol. Will see if we can fix this. And though not to talk our own internal shop here in comments about real people’s real money … but I’ve noticed you like those tinyurl’s … what’s the appeal?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Doesn’t break the browser like those really long URL’s do.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Well, not break the browser, but the links don’t wrap to the following line.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    I prefer http://www.bit.ly for breaking down long links. The basic domain is shorter, but they also allow you to choose a keyword (if it hasn’t been used yet), and allow you to see how many people have used the shortened link. Pretty cool.

  6. BJ Nemeth

    Oh, and here’s one more trick to save four more characters from a shortened URL, if you really need it. (For example, if you’re putting a link in a Twitter post.) Replace the “http://” with “www.” It still shows up as a valid link, and works just the same, but like I said, it saves four characters.

    All browsers fill in the “http://” anyway. But if you try it without that or the “www”, then it may not appear as a clickable web link in comments, Twitter, and other places.

  7. BJ Nemeth

    Did I say it saves four characters? I meant three. Because it’s late and I miscounted.

  8. DanM

    ***it took about three weeks to arrive in my bank account,***

    CORRECTION — it did not show up in my bank account. I have to pick it up at some sort of grocery store money broker! yeesh!

  9. Shmawstin Shmete

    Good questions and the only answer I have is the lack of time as of late prohibitng me from playing more than an isolated event here and there. That being said, I seem to be doing better than TBR.

  10. tbonezz111

    I’ve recently cashed out some money from pokerstars and got it in 2 days. They sent it thru moneygram, which for me is ok as it is at every Albertsons out here. Nice turn around time, ya think?

  11. son of sue

    Had no issue with getting money from Stars today. Actually took less than 24 hours.

  12. Ed

    Zach, would this be a nice sized check from a certain tournament win? 🙂 congrats.

  13. Mario

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  14. DanM

    Mario, I think you’re confusing prop bets. Ours was the over-under on the start time. It was so the under! (Though admittedly the tourney start was bailed out by the WSOP staff.) Pay up, beyotch! 50 bucks!

  15. Alicia

    I’ve had nothing but problems with cash outs from Full Tilt for 2 months or so now. I’ve had to go back to Stars. 🙁 BTW… still have $550 stuck in limbo. I wish they’d just get their money laundering manuevers straight. GGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZ

  16. Mario

    call me

  17. John W

    I am up nearly 700 bucks with Full Tilt. It’s been almost two months since they locked my account. I had requested a payout and it was locked immediately. I have emailed them but only 2 responses. One says checking into valid address and the other one saying they are working on it and that it should be cleared up soon and that was a month ago. Now they’re not responding to any of my emails. I cannot find a phone number to call them.

    Can anyone help?


    John W