Mission Texas Hold’em

by , Aug 3, 2008 | 1:38 pm

These actually come from Iowa … but they do look like some pretty nice tables for an almost-acceptable price when the $1,295 includes shipping:

Give the police a little something nicer to confiscate at StecklyGamingTables.com

3 Comments to “Mission Texas Hold’em”

  1. edbucks

    You can save about $1195 by going to the source, the Mission po-po.

  2. WindBreak247

    A couple of buddies and I used to be pretty successful building tables in Central Iowa and then life got in the way. But we did meet these guys that run DK Poker Tables once, and then not too long later they sold Negreanu his home table. http://www.dkpokertables.com/ They build *really* nice tables. I hadn’t ever seen Steckly, but they look pretty nice, too.

    Iowa representin’ in the table building circles.

  3. DanM

    Damn, those are some nice tables (albeit more expensive), the DKs, even if they don’t have the word “mission” associated with them in any way. I especially dig the funky legs — surprised we don’t see more of those (or similarly creative stylings) on casino tables. Thanks for sharing.

    (And who knew Iowa was such a gaming carpentry powerhouse!?!)