More on South Texas Poker Raid

by , Aug 3, 2008 | 1:08 pm

Here’s a video of the bust in Mission, TX … clearly a residential home with a weekly tourney that may or may not shoulda been shut down. (Don’t shoot me for saying this, but I gotta think the non-poker residents have a case to be made on parking issues alone.) The news report does not mention, however, that one of the organizers is apparently an assistant principal, which adds to the local hubbub, but of course makes no difference in whatever case will eventually be plead down to a micro-misdemeanor as the cops enjoy the fruits of their confiscated cash.

Also, notice the weakness of the quotes this TV reporter had to choose from when it comes to getting that “other” side of the story, the part where residents now feel safer because the dastardly gamblers have been quelled. (I also love how you can still hear the chips clicking even a few seconds after the police break in.)

6 Comments to “More on South Texas Poker Raid”

  1. Grunkzzz

    i would be pissed if there were 50 cars parked outside my house every weekend.

  2. Big Tex

    hey, great site and nice playing poker (and learning) with you on the ship. Glad to hear someone was listening to my jabbering. I will try and send you the link to the news article. I think it is located at and it indicates that he was an asst principal and spouse is a teacher. I actually know a couple of players that go there but were absent that night.

  3. Lisa

    “Police are covering all exits, front and back.”

    Oh no! Not the front AND THE back!

    While the parking situation is annoying, that’s just stupidity on the player’s parts. Haven’t they heard of carpooling? And what did the neighbors think was going on that was so nefarious? Did they think 40-50 drug dealers had a weekly board meeting?

  4. Karridy

    Four full tables should be able to pay for a better spot. If my Dad had a game with 40 cars on my street, I’d call the cops on his ass too.

  5. pokerdaddy

    Got to worry about cops, pissed off players that lose there money, now it’s the media….. what’s next girlfriends and wives ratting us out. I agree that the guy was a dumbass having at his house but, it was working for good amount of time to have that many players. Oh well maybe we will have some kind of resolution to the problem in texas, screw going to Oklahoma 4 nights a week.

  6. DanM

    True dat, P-daddy … but what I don’t think guys like Jose Luis realize is that once a game gets that big, especially when it’s seen so publicly (and 40 cars in a residential neighborhood is quite the public display) it’s only a matter of time before someone comes in with guns to take the money.

    If it wasn’t the cops, it would eventually be robbers. And the latter generally tend to be less nice. (Unless, of course, the former comes in with SWAT.)