Pokerati Goes /mac!

by , Aug 13, 2008 | 10:02 pm

So many of you have been saying it was bound to happen … and indeed, having come close to making the move my past two computers, this time I finally did it: have switched teams. I had to! My Dell Inspiron m700 was a muscle machine two years ago, but having filled it up to the max, it was running so hot, so slow, making strange clicking noises, and whenever I sat with it on my lap I started growing a third testicle on my inner thigh.

/i am now a Mac guy. So scary yet feels so good. So far the only problem I am having with it is hitting the slash instead of the shift key. But I am sure I can retrain my fingers, and if not, we’ll just make it a new writing thing.

11 Comments to “Pokerati Goes /mac!”

  1. Ed

    Have you not needed to do much CUT and PASTE action? God, I still scream now and then from that shit.

  2. DanM

    I just ran into the lack-of-a-right-click concern … but I think I will get through it. Also have learned that a little wireless mouse will be right-clickable like all get out.

    Love the way the site looks in Safari, btw.

  3. DanM

    I love the magnetic power cord thingy … very dog-friendly. Gotta say, first big purchase I’ve made in a while without a shred of buyer’s remorse. I think I’m absolutely smitten. Don’t even want to look at my old machine (though I’ll have to to transfer files and such).

  4. Ed

    Mac browsers can suck my chode.

    The Mac I was given to use at the office (being a Mac shop they think I should use one) has a Microsoft Mouse/Keyboard wireless combo set I picked up. Has worked nice and I get my 2 mouse buttons. 🙂 There are some Mac mice that look like one button but they have some touch sensor shit in the button that knows when you are clicking right or left buttons.

    (Next thing you know we will hear about the iPhone you picked up on a whim.)

  5. DanM

    Funny, my phone is also on its last legs. (that whole running super-hot thing while misbehaving is always a bad sign!) but i don’t think i will go iphone … blackberry maybe.

  6. WindBreak247

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac, Pokerati! You’re gonna love it, and I hope you gush about it on the blog anytime you come across a moment where Mac > PC.

    Mac Tip #1: Put two fingers on your trackpad and click, and you’ll find your “right click” on the laptop. 😉

    It sounds like you may already be headed this way, but I would recommend the Wireless Mighty Mouse –>

    Feel free to email me if you run into any Mac roadblocks. I’ve been a Mac guy all my life.

  7. Uncle Ray

    And of course, most important, WHAT COLOR IS IT? Do you need to make sure it doesn’t clash with what you are wearing? Or are you going to need a new wardrobe in order to use your computer? (You know Kohl’s is running a sale on ALL back to school apparel.)

  8. DanM

    it’s black with a white apple. i don’t think there were any other choices.

    not gettin’ the two finger thing, though it did allow me to scroll funkily.

  9. WindBreak247

    So it sounds like you have a MacBook? Either that or you picked up an old PowerBook G3 from 1998-2001 for some reason, and this won’t work. 🙂

    Take a look at this –>

    Specifically…”Secondary clicking or right-clicking lets you access shortcut menu commands.

    To secondary click, place two fingers on the trackpad while clicking the trackpad button. If Tap to Click is enabled, just tap two fingers on the trackpad.”

  10. WindBreak247

    BTW, the two fingers on the trackpad to scroll thing is also slick as hell. My fairly old work PC (IBM T40) will scroll if you run your finger down the right edge of the trackpad, so maybe newer PC laptops have similar features, but I’m pretty sure no PCs have two finger interaction of some sort. I’m pretty sure the stuff that Apple is doing with trackpads and touch is pretty revolutionary. (ie the PC world hasn’t stolen it…yet)

  11. BJ Nemeth

    I remember when I was the only person in the poker media with an Apple laptop, and when I was the only person at the airport gates with an Apple laptop, and when I was the only person in hotel lobbies with an Apple laptop. But in the past two years, the marketshare has really exploded, and I often see Macs outnumbering Windows laptops at airport gates.

    Critics dismiss Apple’s design focus as “making things pretty,” and think the iPhone is nothing but a fashionable accessory or status symbol. But as you start to use Apple’s products, you’ll realize that design isn’t about how it looks — it’s about how it works. That’s why nobody has replicated the success of the iPod, even after seven years. Competitors are too focused on feature lists and superficial appearances, rather than the actual key to the iPod’s success — how it works.

    And isn’t the magnetic power cord awesome? Very handy for me, in a house with dogs and in hotel rooms with inconveniently-placed outlets.