RE: Full Tilt Payout Probs (2)

Bodog not processing payouts either

by , Aug 18, 2008 | 12:20 pm

In this week’s episode of Perspectives Weekly, J. Todd tries to get to the brass tacks of what’s going down with Bodog — and he confirms that as of right now, American players can’t get their money out (and the APCW is temporarily withholding any support of the site). But this is not a matter of greedy-corp malfeasance, Todd explains … but rather a situation created by the US Government’s seizure of $24 million from Bodog bank accounts and pressure put on American payment processors.

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  2. DanM

    ***I want to thank my supporters for your mindless support of me, despite my complete lack of any legislative achievement***

    Wait, are we talking about Bush or Obama here?

    P.S. this is Tom, isn’t it?

  3. Drizztdj

    Odd. I got paid from there about a month ago…

    Of course my withdraw was what some people spend on a bar tab for four.

  4. DanM

    You got paid from Bodog, or Full Tilt, Drizz?

    I think the Bodog thing is new. It’s becoming so clear that Calvin Ayre’s departure from the company has something to do with protecting assets. Generally not good when the gov. seizes your money by the millions.

  5. Ed

    Yeah but he swapped control of the place a while back and this new money seizure was just a couple weeks ago.

  6. DanM

    you think that money seizure came out of the blue? if the man is successful enough to turn himself into a billionaire, he clearly has enough vision to see when potential trouble is brewing.

    sorry, don’t mean to hurt your feelings, Ed. i know you love playing on Bodog.

  7. Ed

    I loved playing there….then I found out the bankroll was pretty much monopoly money. Now I just dabble in poker there and do sports betting with my play chips.

  8. DanM

    so have you withdrawn any of the said monopoly money?

  9. Ed

    Have not tried to withdraw since the last one in Nov. Prob a mistake but I was gambling on the fact I could get it out at a later time. No biggie..less than 1k at this time. Watch me play a $100 tournament and win it. That would chap my ass.

  10. DanM

    Well it’s not like Bodog is saying you ain’t gettin’ the dough … they’re just saying (kinda like Full Tilt right now, I think) that we’re having a hard time making the delivery.

    If you won a big tournament, it might make financial sense for you to say, “no prob, I can come to Costa Rica to pick it up.”

  11. Ed

    Did you read any of the articles about the money that was siezed by the gov.? I recall it saying that some undercover guys got checks that bounced. It was when someone finally got a check that actually went through that they had a bank to hit.

  12. Tom Schneider

    Finally a comment on Pokerati that is interesting and pointed. This whole site should be changed to political discourse.

  13. edbucks

    Chan Poker is closing Thursday.

  14. Poker on TV

    It was $14 million seized back in January/February, not $24 million. The $10 million seized more recently was clearly mostly or entirely Full Tilt’s money. The legal docs about the seizures offer interesting insight into all this stuff.

  15. DanM

    edbucks, are you serious about chanpoker? i didn’t even know they were open …

    and POT, you mean bodog, right, not Full Tilt?

  16. Poker on TV

    I meant Full Tilt.

    The $14 million seized in January/February was Bodog’s.

    $10 million more recently was mostly/entirely Full Tilt’s. The money was seized from payment processor Zip Payments. Search the 2+2 forums for that name and you’ll find reports of bouncing Full Tilt checks, not Bodog checks. There was *one* poster claiming he get a bounced Bodog check from Zip, even he may have made a mistake: he was a Full Tilt player and could have confused checks. Clearly most, and maybe all, of the recent $10 million was Tilt’s, not Bodog’s.

    The two total up to the $24 million that everyone’s talking about.

    Regardless of the specifics of the seizures, it’s clear that Bodog is the DOJ’s #1 target. Wire Act and all that. So they’re likely to have more difficulty with payment processors than pure poker rooms.

    In fact, the DOJ used claims of a tenuous connection to Bodog to seize the Zip Payments money.

  17. Ed

    I am confused then. I only see Bodog mentioned in the Forbes article. Are they just assuming it was all Bodog money?

  18. Poker on TV

    I shouldn’t speak to what the Forbes reporters were assuming, but, in their defense, I’d point out that they never said the money was Bodog’s: they just said it was *linked* to Bodog. Similarly, the government, in their case for the second seizure, never said the money was Bodog’s, but they did make some tenuous claims suggesting a link to Bodog.

    I refuse to watch the J. Todd video, but is he claiming that Bodog players aren’t getting payouts? I just got my latest six days after requesting it (post their recent loss of two payout methods).

  19. DanM

    Why do you refuse to watch the APCW vid? Something I am missing about them?

  20. Poker on TV

    Nothing nefarious, but I’m miffed he seems to be claiming Bodog players can’t get their money out (I got a payout today, as indicated above), and he can take a long time to convey a small amount of information.

  21. SouthernGal

    I have been waiting for my June 19th payout from Bodog. Even with countless phone calls and emails I haven’t gotten anything but their standard answers. Has anyone received a payout in August 08?