RE: Money Day at the River

by , Aug 23, 2008 | 3:42 pm

Two others who made it through include SodaSara and Josh Evans. Don’t know what their starting chip counts are or if they are still alive. But happy to see both of them at least cashed in El Norte, the land of poker opportunity (for Texas players).

UPDATE: SodaSara finished 10th place … $60k or 2 percent (depending on which column(s) of the promised prize distributions WinStar stays true to).

Sara (right) is pretty bummed right now about just missing the final table. But soon she’ll realize she just booked her biggest poker score to date — finishing in the top 1 percent of a tough field — and presumably be feeling much better.

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  1. ItsOverJonny

    Don’t remember where I read it (probably here), but someone said that they both started the day with 200k+. Go go go!

  2. Nick Russo

    My friend Sean is playing and at the final table right now. He was the chip leader for his day (Thursday). He’s the guy with the City Tavern Dallas shirt on.

  3. DanM

    Whoa, they’re at the final table already? Gah, I’m dyin’ to know who else is there!

  4. ItsOverJonny

    Wow – final table already, after only about 6.5 hours?

  5. ItsOverJonny

    Wow that is awesome! Congrats Soder!

  6. John

    Young Cho was the only name I knew at the final table. Dr. Bruce van Horn (finished 2nd to Huck Seed in WSOP main event in 1996) started today with T155,000, but I don’t know where he finished. Annie Duke and Greg Raymer were there commentating, and Cardplayer had someone there also.

  7. sodapop sara

    Hello Dan. yes.. im bummed. n yes.. I’ve realized that i just booked my biggest win as well. so when you’re back in town, we’re gonna ge trashed

  8. DanM

    well congrats nonetheless … and i’m not just saying that because of the offer to throw booze my way! 🙂

    i haven’t heard any hand details, so I have no clue if it was a matter of bad luck or bad play or bad beats or dealer error or whatever. so without knowing any of that info, i was just really happy to see the overall results. next time you’re in a WSOP 1500 or 2k and you’re on the brink of a final table, I’m sure this experience will help you get there. movin’ on up, beyotch!

  9. ItsOverJonny

    ummmm, does anyone know who won?

  10. DanM

    I was wondering the same thing. Without Karridy and Alicia on the ground in Thackerville, I’ve got nothing.

    I even registered for updates at WinStar’s expensive looking website — — but have gotten nothing. gah, unrelated to poker, it pains me to see so much money not spent on me spent to produce websites that no one visits and lack certain substance underneath the slickness.

    All I wanted was to get the documents they were handing out at the WinStar tent emailed to me, but noooooooo ….

  11. Steve Justice

    Poker Tournament Results
    Presents the River
    No Limit Hold’em
    August 17, 2008 at 09:00 AM
    WinStar Casino
    Tournament Schedule
    Buy-In $2,000 + $100
    Prize Pool $1,945,500
    Entries 1450

    James Carroll
    Place Name Prize
    1 James Carroll (Richardson, TX, USA) $700,000
    2 Young Cho (Enid, OK, USA) $365,000
    3 Bob Poole (Rudy, AR, USA) $213,000
    4 James Smith (Dallas, TX, USA) $150,000
    5 Frankie Evans (Mesquite, TX, USA) $120,000
    6 Thomas Tu (Dallas, TX, USA) $105,000
    7 Sean Carlisle (El Paso, TX, USA) $90,000
    8 Brian Burney (Branson, MO, USA) $75,000
    9 Nathan Halbert (Derby, KS, USA) $67,500
    10 Sara Chan

  12. DanM

    Nice! Looks like Texas represented. Thanks for posting this, Steve!

  13. Sean

    Yeah it seems like the “floor” people didn’t know 100% of what was going on with production. but i just really want to know when it’s going to be on tv, or if they are going to have it on dvd. i’m not sure how much i’m going to be on there because i was basically stealing blinds for 3 hours… i only played like 3 hands out. they might show one hand that may end up getting me a bunch of action… i didn’t get to see the flop but i was planning on taking it away from “the fox” on the flop, but with one person left to beat the small blind woke up w/ AK(the big blind was up from the table).

  14. Jim Carroll

    I won. I won. Unbelievable.