RE: More on South Texas Poker Raid (4)

by , Aug 7, 2008 | 8:16 am

Here’s the story from the McAllen Monitor about the assistant principal who got busted running weekly 5-table tourneys in his house. (Thanks, Carlos, for the link!) Man, naturally I’d be inclined to defend the likes of Jose Luis Esquivel like all get out … but really, the ridiculous neighborhood parking situation, and the two small bags of cocaine … just makes matters worse. Kinda takes away the educator’s argument that poker might be good for kids. And makes me wonder if this was less a case of a good poker room bumpin’ uglies with the overzealous law and more a matter of man who doesn’t really know much about running a poker room and living off a public high-school salary getting addicted to a growing rake.

Would have to see Esquivel’s blind structure, however, before we can really pass judgment on him.

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  1. edbucks

    Gives a whole new meaning to Crime doesn’t pay, stay in school? or is it the other way around?