RE: New Hard Rock Poker Room

by , Aug 21, 2008 | 11:55 am

Oops, I missed all the fun at the soft opening of the Hard Rock Poker Lounge yesterday. Supposedly it was wild fun with lots of great food to go with one sit-n-go after another. But the emptiness did give me a chance to take some better photos of the inside, and the cleaning crew didn’t even try to stop me!

Click below to have a look:

UPDATE: Argh, I am having trouble resizing and such. Bear with me as I learn Mac button-pressing … I swear this is supposed to make everything easier …

In the meantime, as I’m fiddling/flickring … these shots just came in over the transom from the Hard Rock:

The above shot is the main room — you can see the little VIP/private rooms along the back wall … and below is the room for whatever big-big game materializes:

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