Scotty Nguyen Issues $50K HORSE Apology… Sort Of

“I Am Sorry” to Fans, Not Players

by , Aug 24, 2008 | 12:19 am

In a previous post, Dan mentioned Scotty Nguyen’s (bad) behavior as shown on the ESPN coverage of the 2008 WSOP $50K HORSE final table. His drunken/erratic/insulting antics and chatter at the table has been controversial, as some members of the media blame editing for making Scotty look a little mentally unstable moody, while many viewers were clearly shocked by his treatment of his opponents, cocktail servers, and chips.

Evidently, Scotty reads forums and blogs. As I was made aware by Short-Stacked Shamus in his analysis of the ESPN episode, Scotty posted an apology of sorts on the CardPlayer forums.

He expressed his “sincerest apology” for the disappointment caused by his behavior caught on camera, and though he felt that he beat his opponents fair and square (“I would never be sorry to beat those players”), he felt bad that the fans saw him in a bad light. Scotty admits that he was caught up in a range of emotions, as is human nature, but knows that his fans are his bread and butter and wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

The full forum post is as follows:

I would like to apologize to all my fans for the disappointment I have caused in the H.O.R.S.E. Event. For that I would like to express my sincerest apology.

I would like to ask for understanding of what really took place.

Keep in mind this was a five day event, with an almost fourteen hour final table that was reduced to two hours of air time including all the commercial breaks. With that being said, as you can imagine, more took place than what made the final cut for t.v. Last year’s Main Event I made the mistake of letting someone get under my skin, of which overtook my mental focus of the game, and cost me my tournament along with a lot of disappointment amongst my fans and peers. Since that time, it has haunted me and even now with the mistake that I made. As a professional, you always critique yourself to make yourself better, and in doing so you have to focus on the mistakes you make, in order to improve. This year, I needed redemption of my own 2007 Main Event demons to prove to myself that no one would get to me again.

This tournament was too important for me, the trophy, the fifth bracelet, and history, my head was zoned in for this event, and for that time, I forgot the fans were watching me. I said things I shouldn’t have said that have disappointed you, and I apologize for my actions. All my life, there have been many many tournaments, I put all the fans first, tried to play bad hands and win to give more excitement, and I would blow my tournament, however I have never regretted it, because without all you fans there would never be a Scotty Nguyen, and I appreciate all of you every which way. This tournament I played the players game. They wanted to play a drinking game, and they couldn’t win, they say they can’t even beat a drunk, how can you beat a drunk if I’m not drunk. They can’t beat me in a drinking game, now they play the talking game to try to get under my skin like in 2007, and I gave it right back to them and got underneath their skin, and they couldn’t win. When it came down to playing a poker game, the best will win. Because they can’t beat me in a drinking game, a talking game and then we played poker, of which they can’t beat me, and I am the one who brought the trophy home. This event I had my mind set, I wouldn’t let anything interfere between me and the bracelet and the Chip Reese trophy, and I proved that to the whole world. I can beat them at any game they want to play. And all I have to say, I hope all you fans understand what I’m trying to say. And watch the tape again. I was not the one to start anything, not even drinking or talking, they wanted to start it with me, and they got beat by me fair and square on all levels they wanted to play. All I would ever be sorry, is how the fans feel about me, I would never be sorry to beat those players. If they can’t accept defeat, then stay home, crawl under their loved ones arms, don’t bad mouth because you got beat by the best poker player. Another thing, I always bring joy and excitement to the poker game every time I’m on tv, and all of you know, when Scotty Nguyen is on tv, your eyes are glued on the screen. Why? Because I make it fun so you guys don’t switch the channel. All these years that is all you’ve seen of me, and that is the real me. That proves to you, how great and nice I am, I am the real deal. One cannot be on tv all these years with the same persona if it wasn’t the real deal. Even during this final table, I still took time for all the fans with a smile on my face. You have not even heard of one fan who was there that came up to me and could say that I was rude to them or out of line with them in any way. This was an issue at the table, and one I didn’t take out on the fans even during that time. This was business. How many players do you know that would do that to the fans except one, the Prince of Poker, Scotty Nguyen and once again I apologize to all of you. No excuses for my behavior in that $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. final table. And I have explained to you why and how that happened. Bottom line, I only ask for you to please understand and remember that I, Scotty Nguyen, the Prince of Poker is still a human being, just like all of you. I too have good times, bad times, sad times and angry times, just like everyone else in this world, and I hope you can understand that. I do promise to all the fans that no matter what, from now, I would never disappoint you again any which way. I forgot about the fans, and only focused on me. I am sorry.

Thank you,

Scotty Nguyen

5 Comments to “Scotty Nguyen Issues $50K HORSE Apology… Sort Of”

  1. DanM

    Poker was probably so much easier for the pros when anyone who ever won a hand on TV was insta-beloved.

  2. edbucks

    There’s no way this letter came from Scotty. There’s no reference of “baby” anywhere in the letter.

  3. CJ

    It actually sounds like the first two paragraphs were written by one person, and the last half sounds like Scotty..

  4. DanM

    Ha ha, I think you are so right. Nice read! I would almost put money on it.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Here’s an interview Scotty did the day after winning the HORSE event:

    It’s odd to read after seeing what the broadcast showed last week.