Clonie: The Musical?

by , Sep 1, 2008 | 6:50 pm

Best Poker Song Ever?!?

Interestingly enough, Clonie is playing in South Africa this week — in the Sun City Million, the biggest tourney festival in Africa, a US$1.5 million guaranteed — without any of her Full Tilt cronies. Hmmm …

(To be fair, the event is hosted by Shannon Elizabeth, who is one of her very top MySpace friends, but still … I feel a blip in the Clonie sector of the Poker Force.)

18 Comments to “Clonie: The Musical?”

  1. Tuk

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  2. DanM

    Feedback: Your niche is a little too narrow to attract a large audience, no matter how much SEO/spamming you do.

    Good luck with your endeavors; I am sure you are exactly the type people will feel confident entrusting with the legally questionable transfer of money across internet lines. However, some might find it just easier to work for $200.

    Advice: More Clonie.

  3. Tuk

    Hi DanM,

    It was not my intention to do spam… If you feel that please remove my comment.

    Couldnt understand your comments clearly but maybe thats my english…

    Anyway thanks for your feedback. Best regards, Tuk

  4. Kevin Mathers


    If you ban this Tuk, his 5000 other cronies will post looking for feedback.

  5. Tuk

    his 5000 other cronies… what the hell is that?

  6. DanM

    The song, please, the song! It’s an awesomely hysterical tune! And maybe some speculative gossip about Full Tilt …

  7. Tuk

    Whats the gossip on Full Tilt? Are they closing?

  8. DanM

    Yes, exactly. Because Clonie has gone to South Africa, Full Tilt is closing. The cat’s outta the bag now! Don’t tell anyone, though, k?

  9. Tuk

    Ok! I will keep it within your blog but I will take the advantage of knowing this information in advance to take all my $1595 from there…

  10. donkey

    Dear Tuk,

    Please mail $1595 to DanM for present and future advertisement/spams.


    ps. are you one of them Gingers?

  11. DanM

    So really, I think Clonie’s looking pretty good these days …

  12. Kevin Mathers

    Tuk, you and your acolytes like to spam 2+2 (I personally banned at least 20 people who spammed your “blog”).

  13. Tuk

    So Kevin that was you the all time killing my co-workers… shame on you 🙂

  14. donkey

    Kev, there’s no 5000 cronies, Tuk is multi-accounting.

  15. DanM

    I won’t ban you, because you are obviously a real person, but yes, in general, hijacking threads of convo for the sole sake of giving your “Free money!” promotion Google juice is generally considered bad form.

    And the fact that you embrace such tactics makes people far less likely to trust your “service”. Some might even consider your business model a “nuisance”.

    One of the differences between blogs and forums (no offense, Kevin) is that comments on blogs are almost always at least tangentially related to the topic posted.

    OK, that’s your internet etiquette lesson for today. Please, run along now … we have important grown-up big-kid stuff to talk about here … like Clonie.

  16. shronk

    I love your blog! But more importantly, I need someone to help me help out this African Prince that emailed me today. Holler!

  17. DanM

    Oops, maybe I was a little harsh on Tuk? I don’t think I’ve ever so condescendingly told a reader to piss off before. I mean except to edbucks earlier yesterday. But other than that …

  18. Ed

    dan, edbucks is an “anonymous” ass and deserved it.

    then again, tuk is a comment/forum spammer and they deserve it too.