Poker Players Prefer Obama to McCain

So Says Duplicate Poker Polling

by , Sep 8, 2008 | 4:52 pm

(Am I the only one surprised that Duplicate Poker is still alive and kicking?)

Evidently, Duplicate Poker has players. And 1,639 of them were willing to complete surveys about the upcoming presidential election and their intended votes.

Obama took it by nearly a 2:1 margin – 1,043 votes for Obama, 596 votes for McCain.

Other results of interest:

Stronger ticket: Obama (1,167) v. McCain (499)
Predictions for victory: Obama (1,117) v. McCain (538)
Race as a factor: Yes (737), No (915)
Deciding issues: Economy (602), Vision for America (379), Iraq war (348)
Most decisive voters: Women (575), African-Americans (541)

The survey was conducted from September 4-6, and all respondents were U.S. citizens, 87% of whom were men ages 18-54. Average income of the surveyed was $77K, average education was college graduate, and online poker frequency was twice per week.

Take it for what it’s worth, but it is the first survey done of poker players on the upcoming election.

2 Comments to “Poker Players Prefer Obama to McCain”

  1. Amrendra

    Now readers will come to know that these poker players are not sticking at game but also have taste for political activeness.

  2. DanM

    ***these poker players***

    I’m not sure you can call duplicate players poker players. it’s not a real game, is it?

    Full disclosure: I may be biased, as we are nearing the one year anniversary of Duplicate Poker owing me $1,200. (Have spoken to three separate people with promises to make good, but no results yet.)

    Hey, you know, it just occurred to me … DP is an American company … totally slipped my mind that I can sue’em!