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by , Oct 10, 2008 | 12:00 pm


Exposing John McCain! How deeply is he tied to the gambling industry? Does he want to criminalize online gambling? Why are Washington ethics groups calling for an investigation of his gambling activity? It’s certainly not our job to tell Americans whom to vote for this November, but it is our job to make sure people make the most informed decisions that they can. To that end, we have been doing some digging this week on what John McCain says and what John McCain does… and they don’t always seem to agree when it comes to gambling! Plus an in-depth look at the Kentucky domain name game.

3 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly”


    Regarding the KY governor’s attempted seizing of domain names:

    1) It’s political grandstanding before an election.

    2) Kentucky isn’t claiming it has the right to shut down any website in the world. The legal issue here is the domain name REGISTRARS, like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc. Many online gaming sites were registered through U.S. registrars (stupidly) and these registrars absolutely can be touched across state lines.

    Question: Why at no point in the past X years did any of the 140-odd domains facing seizure simply do a domain name transfer from U.S. registrars to overseas registrars? Why did they use a U.S. registrar to begin with.

    Staggeringly short-sighted behavior for a multi-billion dollar industry. The KY domain grab will fail, but it never should’ve been allowed to happen in the first place.

  2. DanM

    I hear what you’re saying, CTW … but I still think it’s a bigger deal than that, because ICANN respects the rulings of American courts. I know the causes of action were different in the Bodog case … but still, they lost their domain.

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