Perspectives Weekly: The Kentucky Verdict Is In

Plus the Bodog audit and poker players for John McCain

by , Oct 17, 2008 | 9:37 am

Well, to be truthful, it coulda been a lot worse! On first glance, it may look like Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has won this court case… but not so fast. While it’s true that the court upheld the state’s right to seize the domain names, the did give online gambling company’s an out! Tune in to see!

We also release the results of our Bodog cash out audits to see how long it really takes for players to get their money… plus ask why so many online gamblers seem to be in favor of electing John McCain!


6 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly: The Kentucky Verdict Is In”

  1. DanM

    Wow, can’t believe they’re still playing the child molestor card. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us, however. I know Beshear’s a Democrat, but the Republican Party’s platform not only reasserts that online gambling is a crime, but puts online punters directly and literally between child pornographers and gang members in the criminal heirarchy:

  2. Pokerpolitics

    If anyone here actually casts a vote based on the candidates stance on online gambling you will have taken the term “single issue voter” to a new level. LMAO.

    Their was another president who thought it would be a good idea to raise taxes during a recession. His name was Herbert Hoover, and the year was 1930, I wonder how that worked out? He also dug protectionism much like a current candidate. Absolute economic illiteracy.

  3. J Todd

    No one should cast a vote for a candidate based on any single issue… whether it’s online gambling or foreign policy or homeland security or whatever…

    APCW isn’t in a position to comment on things outside of this industry, so take our reports on the candidates for what they are: One piece of information to add to your overall decision, if this online gaming is important to you (and remember, it’s not just about the politicians hypocritical stance toward gambling… it’s about their abuse of power and the deterioration of our personal freedoms)

  4. DanM

    I’m voting on two issues, not one — poker and skin color. You think I’m joking?

    I don’t think it’s exactly unAmerican to vote for what personally matters to you (poker to me, Social Security to my grandmother) with a touch of what you think might be good for the country (giving the finger to the same old-white-guy regime that McCain used to give the finger to before they chose him to lead it).

    Hey PP, wanna make a wager on the election outcome?

  5. Pokerpolitics

    No, because the socialist will likely win. If that was supposed to be some kind of way to brag that the looters and moochers (have you read your Ayn Rand?) are finally winning out then shame on you, I know you(in Dallas of course) and don’t think it was but if so thats really sad.

    Like Cuba and Venezuala and many other countries before us we are being caught up in the rip tide of socialism, it seems like a good thing right now but history has shown us again and again that it only leads to everyone being poorer and more miserable.

    Ancient Rome actually practiced socialism towards the end against the wishes of Emperor Hadrian (he is like our Ron Paul, the one guy saying that we can’t afford all this stuff), to pay for it they minted inferior coin and lead to massive inflation. Sound like any government we know of? If Ochavez was actually interested in change he would be talking about slashing and burning our federal government, not proposing 1.2 trillion in new spending.

    Do you find the similarities between Obama’s economic plan and Hoovers unsettling at all? The economic enviornements are very similar (Hoover and Obama, assuming he does win) and even after seeing the disastrous results of Hoovers taxation and protectionism Obama wants to do the same thing! Either the man is an idiot or he has some other goal in mind, like the destruction of the free market in order to make way for state controlled everything. Judging by the “spread the wealth” around comment, which is something only a socialist would say, i’m inclined to think it’s the latter, although he is no genius, the GOP’s candidate in 12′ will either be Mark Sandford (you should be familar with him seeing as you were/are a libertarian) or Bobby Jindal, either will make a fool of Obama regarding policy during debate.

  6. Minny

    I can’t believe Beshear’s case actually went through! There had to be some money exchanged under the table.

    And the worst part is that all the other gambling sites out there are pre-emptively blocking out Kentuckians, even if they’re not on the 141 site list..

    I can’t find any Kentucky friendly poker sites these days. I found a site that has a good article on the whole thing, and has found a couple remaining poker sites open to kentucky players.

    I hope this helps fellow Kentuckians play some last minute poker…