Poker Bowl, Take 2?

Team Poker at the Hard Rock

by , Oct 13, 2008 | 8:20 am

The Team Poker concept isn’t going away just because its big introduction to Las Vegas a year ago turned out to be a near-criminal scam. (FWIW, everyone did eventually get paid from the PokerBowl, I’m pretty sure, except Karridy.) The LV room embracing it — team poker, not the rip-off attempts — is the Hard Rock … which is now running weekly team poker tournaments:

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Team Poker at The Hard Rock Poker Lounge!

Every Thursday night at 6pm we have our Team League Tournament. It is teams of 4 people. $100 buy in per player, you start at different tables and you get 4 chances to win $2000, 3rd place wins your money back!! It is a lot of fun. We have lots of teams signed up already, Don’t miss out!

Call me asap 702-245-3758 If you want to register your team for tonight.

Hope to hear back from you,
Poker Host

In addition, the Hard Rock has just announced a big “Dream Team Poker” tournament, a $1k per player team event to be held there November 7-9. Check out the details at This one is the brainchild of a dude named Daniel Delshad, who from the best I can tell made his name in networking among storage professionals.

8 Comments to “Poker Bowl, Take 2?”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Was it Karridy who said on Beyond the Table that the Pokerbowl would have the most rewatchability (if that’s a word) of any TV poker broadcast?

  2. Karridy

    Honestly… This thing could be spearheaded by the wart/mole on Hellmuth’s nose and it would have a better chance of success (winner pay-outs) than anything operated by the Enron Interns, aka John/Phil of the PokerBowl.

    BTW, Yes, I agree that Hellmuth’s wart/mole should be spearheaded.

  3. Karridy

    Wow…. Nice quote, KevMath. Yes, and I still stand by that statement, as I believe I was referring specifically to the format’s potential.

    I have a Team Poker Series here in Fort Worth which I have been running loosely for the last 2 years. (First Related Post). It was originally intended to give myself some operational experience and concept preparation for my Dallas PokerBowl team before heading to Vegas. We’ve enjoyed it so much that even the scandalous demise of the PokerBowl wouldn’t sour us on the concept, and I’ve been running them ever since.

    I don’t know what kind of plans (if any) there may be for televising this format in the future, but I certainly believe these types of tournaments will have a very unique “rewatchability” factor. If for nothing else, just trying to pick up any signals from Doyle to Todd prior to rolling Aces.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    While I’m sure you’re right Karridy, I found the quote ironic in that the Pokerbowl has never been televised meaning the rewatchability is at zero. The DTP format really frowns on the collusion aspect though. Players can’t be at the same table until it gets down to 14-16, and then teammates will be identified,which should be moot because they’d be encouraged to wear jerseys. Maybe this group would be able to spell Cleveland correctly though. With the WSOP FT and an event a WPT tournament at Foxwoods at the same time, maybe they’ll find plenty of pros to be invited to the “private” tournament.

  5. DanM

    Karridy’s guys in Burleson have the whole team concept/collusion thing down pat. We had to wear colored bracelets, I recall.

    Am curious how they plan to battle collusion if they don’t want any in this format. Because isn’t it almost a challenge to try and get away with it? Will require a very observant floor, and system for penalties should you get caught, short of kicking you out of Las Vegas.

  6. Karridy

    “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will carry guns”

    Doyle and Daniel had a problem with this at the PokerBowl. Actually, they threw a stink about it an threatened to have Stars and Doyle’s Room players boycott the thing, which would have hurt. Of course, Nightingale bowed down and changed the entire format with less than a week until the event. Keep in mind that this was a mostly pre-paid event. So what you end up with is a tournament that is much different than the one people signed up for.

    The problem now wasn’t not being able to collude, but concerns over constant suspicions that people were colluding, since it was now taboo.

    If you don’t include this as part of the game, you will tie yourself up with bullshit accusations, challenges, etc, that come when you try to prevent it.

    Don’t be retarded.

  7. SanFran King

    my team colluded in the first scam er. uh i mean 1st pokerbowl.

    There was no way to get caught and hell thats what made it fun and i thought everyone was supposed to do that. I still cant figure out if that was intended to be legit or not. I guess it was since The Palms had to pay the winners. maybe John thought he was gonna get the prize money from the tv broadcast?

  8. DanM

    IMHO, poker has to face the reality that team poker exists, whether you think it’s “good for poker” or not … heck, it kinda-sorta has ever since Doyle Brunson and Chip Reese played on a shared bankroll, no?

    (And having played once in an above-board collusion-fest, gotta say it’s pretty fun! My team’s secret was to use chips on our cards like hands on a clock to reveal the strength of a pocket pair to our teammates.)

    Of course that means tournaments where it’s not allowed will have to be bold and diligent in preventing it. Perhaps we’re due for a new poker book on team poker that spells out things people should look out for in games where certain actions may be going on without disclosure.