The Real Deal: McCain or Obama

Poker pros make their endorsements known

by , Oct 23, 2008 | 2:59 pm

I attended the grand opening/premiere/LV poker mixer for The Real Deal at the Venetian on Tuesday. I’m still processing what I witnessed — but I am pretty sure it was the official jumping of the shark for poker, as some 500 poker fans (including Tim Conway, Robert Wagner, Bob Newhart, multiple poker agents, WSOP officials, and the owner of the Venetian and president of the Sands, who walked out after 25 minutes) witnessed painfully how getting lots of airtime on ESPN, GSN, and Fox Sports comes nowhere close to making you a Vegas entertainer worthy of a $100 ticket twice a night, let alone twice a lifetime.*

*Exceptions: Lacey Jones and Vinnie Favorito were great.

Wicked Chops and RawVegas were there, too. And they took advantage of the red carpet to poll a few well known poker players on who they’re backing in the presidential election:

The breakdown:

Daniel Negreanu — Obama
Scotty Nguyen — McCain
Doyle Brunson — Diplomatic: likes McCain but “Obama is better for poker” (?)
Todd Brunson — McCain
Lacey Jones — Undecided: Worked in previous McCain campaigns, but “on the fence”
Eli Elezra — Filibuster: Obama “right guy for poker … but I’m a businessman also”
Gavin Smith — Obama
Dennis Phillips — Diplomatic Filibuster: House and Senate elections matter more

5 Comments to “The Real Deal: McCain or Obama”

  1. Mean Gene

    Scotty Nguyen is for McCain. Interesting. Be interested to see what other Vietnamese poker players (or Vietnamese-Americans in general) think on the subject.

  2. ben matlock

    Is that all that we’re gonna get out of you Dan? I figured someone with first hand experience of The Real Deal would give us more insight….will the show be around in 2 weeks or is it as bad as being a dude and having to watch the Ya Ya Sisterhood movie?

  3. DanM

    I got more, and pictures … and read the CSR’s for the play-by-play I was sending to Tom (who stood me up for our big date to the show).

    Just got a little posting backlog at the moment, as I work on some other stuff. (Hope to be back in full swing by the weekend.)

    But indeed, there was lots of talk about over/under for how long this thing survives. In fact, one person sitting next to me suggested we run a contest on Pokerati, offering some Real Deal swag for whoever gets closest.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    One thing I noticed, Paul Rodriguez was supposed to be the initial host, with Vinny filling in. Looks like Vinny is now filling in permanently.

  5. DanM

    Vinny really was good. And he plays aggressive low-stakes poker around town … so he’s no stranger to the game, the language, the pros, the nuance, etc.

    Yet it was so clear that he was one of the professional entertainers in the house, as opposed to a professional poker player.

    This made me more likely to go out and see his non-poker show, which i’ve heard good reviews of at the poker tables at the Golden Nugget, but didn’t know how credible the opinion was.