Clonie vs. Cantu

“Shocking” news

by , Nov 24, 2008 | 3:08 am

An interesting prop bet reportedly went down this weekend … good, clean, generally non-lethal fun between Clonie Gowen and Brandon Cantu.

I wasn’t there nor have I spoken to either of the principals, but reliable sources say it was a simple lasts-longest bet (at a Phil Hellmuth charity event for the Taser Foundation for Fallen Officers, at Fort McDowell Casino in Arizona) with the winner getting to tase the loser.

Um, OK.

As you probably know, these high-society fundraiser tourneys don’t exactly have the best blind structures. But they do have great gift bags, which at this event apparently came with gift certificates for taser guns. At one point Cantu supposedly had Clonie out-chipped like 5:1 … and she was getting really nervous. But he took a few bad beats and soon was out. So now Clonie gets to zap Cantu with 50,000 volts at the time and place of her choosing.

UPDATE: The authenticity of this report has been confirmed.

ALSO: Tase-Mania … and award-winning story on the greatness of high-voltage, police-force shocking.

7 Comments to “Clonie vs. Cantu ”

  1. zachdealer


  2. Mean Gene

    Uhh…they do realize that scores of people have died after being hit with this “non-lethal” device? What do you get charged with if you win a bet and then kill someone zapping them with a taser? Does the guy who knocked the victim out of the tournament get charged as an accessory?

  3. DanM

    Phil Hellmuth says he’ll take it with a taser for $1 million.

    A website launched to take up a collection … but doesn’t appear to be doing so well:

  4. tbonezz111

    Wouldn’t this have been a better story if cantu got to give clonie the “shocker” ????

  5. wildbill

    Thought it said tasTe at first. Very interesting tidbit that was almost slightly more interesting.

  6. Poker Shrink

    This was a Full Tilt plot to do away with the Cyclonia but just like the WSOP main event, Brandon donked off his chips and will not be vested with 0.1% of Full Tilt stock.

  7. DanM

    Cantu just needs to be sure not to do it naked from an awning:

    Bridges also are a bad place to be tased, as is the Vancouver Airport.

    If you’re a crazy drunk chick, however, getting zapped in a parking lot can be pretty funny.