Legalize Poker in Texas, Take 2

by , Nov 24, 2008 | 4:44 am

Dave in Grapevine (from the Yestbay1 poker blog) wrote in on Friday with a reminder that the Texas Legislature is about to be back in session (the state congress meets every other year there) and our second go-round with Make Poker Legal is starting strong out of the gate:

Hey Dan,

I heard a news story on the radio way home today which you or someone else on the Pokerati staff is probably all over already, but I thought I would e-mail you about it anyway.

It appears that Jose Menendez has (re-)introduced his bill to legalize poker in Texas. I found a couple of links to news blurbs about it, although nothing of much substance:

These short articles are all pretty much the same thing, with quotes from Menendez about his reasons for the bill.

I look forward to reading more about it on as things develop.

Dave Westbay
Grapevine, TX

Thanks much, Dave, for the heads-up. These articles may not be big, but session isn’t even underway yet, so it’s a good sign that poker is already getting early ink and airtime from the non-poker press. Indeed, Pokerati can’t help but to be all over it as the legislation moves forward. We (Texas poker people) got further than expected in 2007 … and if we can successfully punch Menendez’s bill through this time (re-branded as the “Poker Gaming Act of 2009”) … well, hey, Vegas has been nice, but you can expect this not-so-humble little poker blogger to return home posthaste from self-imposed exile.

8 Comments to “Legalize Poker in Texas, Take 2”

  1. Jimmy

    The Dallas Morning News reported this morning that Texas anticipates an $11 Billion surplus in the budget. I wonder if this will make it harder to pass any poker legislation, since the state doesn’t need the money.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Pokernews appears to have a more detailed take on the legislation, as it appears that the restrictions in the bill open it up for electronic tables.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    If I found this right, is the bill in question.

  4. DanM

    ***as it appears that the restrictions in the bill open it up for electronic tables***

    electronic tables were in the 2007 bill. why do you think Lyle Berman came down to testify?

  5. DanM

    here’s the link to Haley’s story in pokernews:

  6. DanM

    ***$11 Billion surplus in the budget. I wonder if this will make it harder***

    I think you’re probably right … gambling initiatives tend to have better success during tougher times (and shocking that an oil-state like Texas is one of the few areas that isn’t hurting so much) … but I dunno, the opponents are well skilled at fighting during these times anyways.

    I like how this go-round Menendez the legislation around state pride and player safety. So indeed, we’ll have to see how it plays out.

    HB 3186 (the predecessor to the current HB 222) had the votes to pass … but it didn’t have the full support of the Speaker, who had the power to give it a better spot on the calendar and make sure the House got to hear the bill and vote on it.

  7. Jack

    Thanks for information . DanM – how do you think if this bill will pass in texas , will other states legalize poker ?

  8. Lavigne In Austin

    We are working hard to organize the resources to pass this bill in Texas. The budget surplus doesn’t help on its face, but the fact is that most of that money is already spent.

    Also, those figures will be re-adjusted for recession come Jan/Feb. We may have a good shot this year. Stay tuned. Pokerati will be a primary source of information about this effort.