Scenes from (the Outskirts of) the Final Table:

Dennis Phillips’ All-American victory party at McFadden’s

by , Nov 16, 2008 | 1:54 pm

DSCF3940Dennis Phillips was the chip leader for four months — possibly the longest time anyone in the history of poker has held onto the biggest stack. And though he got off to a shaky start and would ultimately finish 3rd (winning $4.5 million) he still skillfully survived a roller coaster session to be the Last American Standing. When it was all said and done (a day earlier than he had hoped for), he threw a party for his 200 or so traveling friends at McFadden’s (formerly the Tilted Kilt) — and without a heads-up match to worry about, it was some good wholesome relaxed American fun, compliments of a good wholesome All-American player who proved even a bald, middle-aged white guy could inspire a loyal and appreciative following to wear red hats and cheer.


DSCF3930 DSCF3928

Barbecue sandwiches and ice cream: Really, does it get any better than this?


His friends left well-wishes and thanks to their new-richest best friend. Click below for a closer look at the personal congrats.

DSCF3945 DSCF3944


Even the bartenders got in on the Dennis Phillips fun.


Dennis and his publicist, Lara Miller.

DSCF3958 DSCF3961

Woot! There he is.


3 Comments to “Scenes from (the Outskirts of) the Final Table:”

  1. Karridy

    100% Class act.

  2. Johnny Hughes

    The publicist looked so much like a horse, I wanted to bet on her. I shouldn’t joke about the gal who lined him up with the truck center as a sponsor. Thirty-seven L.A. waiters are writing made for TV movies about Dennis already.

  3. luckydogruss

    Thanks for the pics, Dan. Dennis invited me to attend the party during our one-on-one interview (I was No. 168; it’s posted on my site), but I couldn’t get out there.

    Gotta agree totally with Karridy. I had phone problems at home the day I was supposed to call his cell, but he called me 20 minutes later from his home land line. Then, after an hour of awesome chat, I told him I’d never tried to record off my cellfone speaker before and he said, “That’s OK, if it didn’t record just call me back and we’ll do it again!”

    A re-do wasn’t necessary, but what a generous offer to a total stranger!

    First-class guy!