Washington Post story on AP/UB incidents Sunday

by , Nov 28, 2008 | 1:46 pm

While most of the poker community will anxiously be awaiting the 60 Minutes piece on the Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet incidents at around 7pm ET Sunday; the Washington Post, who were investigating the story along with CBS News, will have their own story available in their Sunday edition. Their piece, which will also be found on their website, may be a better indicator as to how the 60 Minutes story will be covered later that night. Also, it’s figured that the Washington Post won’t be as limited in trying to tell the complete story, since 60 Minutes has to try and explain the situation along with discussing the legality of online gambling in a 12-15 minute piece. . There will also be an online chat on Monday with WaPo investigative reporter Gilbert M. Gaul and Serge Ravitch, an online player who was also involved in the investigation.

3 Comments to “Washington Post story on AP/UB incidents Sunday”

  1. Ben Matlock

    Just an FYI, you usually don’t have to wait until the show airs on television to see 60 minutes. They broadcast it from their website as well, and usually you can catch that Sunday mornings.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    According to their own site: http://tinyurl.com/60minpodcast they say 11pm ET

  3. Ben Matlock

    hmmm….that’s strange. I live on the west coast and watch 60 minutes pretty much every week…from my laptop…on Sunday mornings. Maybe they are cracking down on things. They actually used to not even put up advertisements before the shows, but now I noticed a 5 second non-verbal Phizer ad. I guess we’ll see.