Another Dallas Poker Room Robbed

by , Dec 23, 2008 | 4:42 am

Details are sketchy here in Las Vegas, but apparently it took place Friday night near TI (Texas Instruments) headquarters on the city-limit outskirts of northeast Dallas … Ironically enough, according to what we’re hearing, this longtime-running, near-legendary game had moved to another location nearby but recently relocated again, going solo when the partner venue wouldn’t pony up for security.

This robbery does not appear to be the work of the homicidally notorious Dallas Poker Bandits, unless they drastically changed their MO. The unconfirmed word spreading around D-town is that a dealer had stepped outside to smoke some pot, and when one of the owners went looking for him (good help is hard to find), a couple black males jumped out (of some bushes?) and began “throwing down” … the owner ran off … and as two or three others came out of the poker room to investigate what was going on, they too were robbed, at which point the assailants took off on foot.

Though Pokerati hasn’t yet talked with police for an official report, the cops were supposedly all over it with multiple patrol cars and a helicopter.

No specifics, btw, on the robber’s (or robbers’) weaponry.

7 Comments to “Another Dallas Poker Room Robbed”

  1. Aaron A.

    Winstar is literally 45-50 minutes right up I-35. I think I’m just gonna stick with that, lol.

  2. Jason B

    Actually Choctaw Casino is nicer and run alot more professional. The upside to the robbery, in a cynical manner, is that now the local DA can bust another room after a few weeks. It has been a few months since there has been any raids by law enforcement in big “D”.

  3. Mojo

    There have been two hijackings in Houston poker games in the last two nights. Same basic M.O.: two black guys in hoodies come to the door, refuse to face the door and/or camera, and when someone goes to see who it is, they force their way in and pull out pistols. I was in-person for the one last night. No shots fired, no wallets taken, only cash; still, several players commented that they’d be looking for places that had live security guards in the parking lot from now on.

  4. zachdealer

    Jason B, explain why you would want another room busted, who’s team are you really on?

  5. CzechGrazer

    Jason is on the same side as the rest of us. The comment was cynical and not meant to be taken as face value.

  6. Grunkzzz

    Have you been to choctaw and played there? More professional??? Better room!!!
    Winstar may rake to much and have shitty tournaments but come on choctaw better…..


  7. Anonymous Asshole

    Hell, I just stopped playing altogether. I’ve been to Vegas 3 times in the last year after not going there for 7 years previously 🙂

    OK = crap w/ no booze/ambiance

    LA = 2.5 to 3 hour drive. I can catch a flight just as quickly and be in Vegas.

    AA out.