LAPT Mexico Shakedown

Firsthand account from the crossfire

by , Dec 8, 2008 | 3:22 am

Inspiring shit over at Tao of Poker — with reports from the LAPT’s ill-fated venture into Nuevo Vallarta. Shame on me for not considering the imminent dangers … as I forgot whom we’re dealing with here:

Someone suggested that we remove our badges. For a couple of moments, I was on edge and extremely concerned at the safety of Change100 and myself and my fellow media reps like Owen, Otis, Joe, Alex, and everyone else. I never thought that I’d get tossed into prison in Mexico for a non-drug charge. Then I got really freaked out. The federalies wouldn’t throw me in jail. They’d whack me. Journalists are the enemy in third world countries and forty-five journalists were killed in Mexico since 2000. According to Reporters without Borders, Mexico is considered the most dangerous country for journalists with the exception of Iraq.

In the end there would be no gunfire, but a tense standoff between an international poker company and a shady second-world gov creates a pretty dramatic look at the sociopoliticonomic world we live in — with nearly a million dollars in play, one side walks into a trap, while the other shoots itself in the foot … everyone else scrambles in the crossfire.

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5 Comments to “LAPT Mexico Shakedown ”

  1. Victor A

    I think you misplaced the word shady… I think you meant “shady international poker company” and a second world gov… or is that sacrilege?

    If we define governments by the action of some of states… then there’s a lot to be said in the US by looking at some of your state laws…


    Section 30-1-3
    Issue of incestuous marriages not deemed illegitimate.

    The issue of any incestuous marriage, before the same is annulled, shall not be deemed illegitimate.

    (Code 1852, §1945; Code 1867, §2334; Code 1876, §2673; Code 1886, §2310; Code 1896, §2840; Code 1907, §4880; Code 1923, §8994; Code 1940, T. 34, §3.)

  2. DanM

    Victor, you’re preaching to the choir, man. You don’t need to tell me how fucked up our laws are.

    Though I don’t always agree with PokerStars, I haven’t seen them act “shady” before, however. Or at least not by comparison.

    But as a Texan who LOVES Mexico and Mexicans (seriously, it’s one of the things I miss being here in Las Vegas — not enough interaction with Mexicans) … I do know all too well that the concept of corrupt government officials engaging in a shakedown isn’t exactly foreign over there.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Victor also made comments about this on Pauly’s article today. It appears he’s an affiliate for the competition, which may color his opinions.

  4. Victor A

    Not particularly Kevin. I’m not mexican and the company i’m “affiliated” to does not care for the opinion of american bloggers…

    I am from LATAM however and I don’t like double standards.

  5. DanM


    Latin America? Malta?

    In my eyes, we are all CONCACAF.