Las Vegas Weather: It’s Pouring Snow

by , Dec 17, 2008 | 2:51 pm

Shot from the sun deck smoking patio at Pokerati headquarters:

8 Comments to “Las Vegas Weather: It’s Pouring Snow”

  1. California Jen

    Really can’t believe you didn’t sing “White Christmas” or something corny while filming the snow.

  2. DanM

    Keep in mind, this was my first film work done in widescreen format, so I had that to think about. And upon artistic reflection, I really felt the natural background sound was the only way I could be true to the storyline.

    But watch it again, and you’ll see I did take the spirit of your suggestion to heart and tinkered with the script.

  3. California Jen

    I like the additions!

  4. tbonezz111

    THIS SNOW SUCKS!!!!!!!! If I wanted a white christmas I woulda stayed living in Ohio!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO snow!

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Stupid question from a non-resident:

    Does Las Vegas own a snowplow?

  6. DanM

    Honestly, I don’t think so. The roads were a MESS … filled with some people driving their typical 70mph, and others doing 15 with their hazard lights on. “Lanes” were pretty much irrelevant.

    Worse than Dallas drivers in the snow.

  7. KenP

    Please check all that apply:
    [ ] Drug Addict
    [ ] Alcoholic
    [ ] Texan

    DMV Note: Checking top 2 or the Texas box will disqualify you for a license in any state but Texas.

    Little ol’ blue haired grandmas drag race between stop lights. Brakes need relining after 1K miles along with a tranie rebuild. An inch of snow give body shops a years work — excluding trucks which consider a flopping fender a fashion statement.

  8. Pkrspice

    That’s even crazier than the snow we had here in Houston last Wednesday!!! Thanks for the video!!!