Perspectives Weekly

by , Dec 12, 2008 | 6:31 am


Many of you already know that the Grand Prive Casino Group has elected to steal webmaster commissions. These guys have shut down their affiliate operations while maintaining all the casinos where webmasters sent their traffic. Their casino are eCogra Approved, licensed by Kahnawake, and powered by Microgaming… so what do they think of all this?

5 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly”

  1. Ben Matlock

    You look like a perp on COPS whose been pulled off to the side of the road and waiting to be questioned…shortly before being handcuffed and thrown in jail. nice. Street cred must run high with you.

  2. J Todd


    Well, Ben… I try to mix it up and have fun. I’m not sure if you’re playing around or trying to “dis” me… yo… so I’ll take it as good humor unless I hear otherwise =0)

    Keep it real, dawg…

  3. DanM

    I think the blunt is a nice touch. Next episode: gin and juice!

  4. Ben Matlock

    nah, i’m just giving you shit. saw the paused video and thought it was pretty damn funny.

  5. J Todd

    LOL… good, thank you…

    Next week maybe I’ll film the show while stealing hubcaps off a Caddy! =0p