RE: More Problems at UB (2)

UB license in jeopardy with KGC?

by , Dec 22, 2008 | 2:52 pm

Reliable sources say Kahnawake Gaming Commission regulators are less than thrilled about the need for a special holiday session to look into these troublesome pot-shipping matters … but they are aware and already proceeding due-diligently with/against AP/UB=>Cereus. What this will lead to isn’t clear outside the Mohawk Nation (and probably not clear yet inside) … but there’s presumably some uneasiness about the prospect of three-strikes-and-out, as the KGC may or may not be inclined to pull the plug on servers for the troubled company bought by the former Kahnawake Chief.

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  2. DanM

    It’s all rumors and semi-informed speculation. Technically, like 60 Minutes, everything above is accurate … right down to punctuation, double-negatives, and -ly disclaimers.

    But I’ve seen some other sites referencing the above and declaring it all bona fide fact. But it’s not that … yet. I’m simply posing a question about the existence of a threat, and it should be really telling if the answer is yes or no.