RE: Stick Up at Sahara

by , Dec 29, 2008 | 7:25 am

While I was away from the web space for a family visit in St. Louis, the guy who robbed the Sahara poker room on the Las Vegas Strip likely spent the holidays hoping no one recognized his mug from the photos released by LV Metro Police.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, he did use a firearm when robbing the Sahara on December 19th and escaped on foot. He was described as follows:

The gunman was described as white and about 20 to 30 years old with a thin mustache and thin build. He was wearing blue jeans, a brown cap, a brown or green hooded sweatshirt with lettering down the left side and a yellow ballcap, authorities said.

Yikes, if Metro has ever been in a poker room, they know that description alone will get them nowhere, as it sounds like two-thirds of players in any given room!

7 Comments to “RE: Stick Up at Sahara”

  1. Bundas

    Kinda Looks like Dan !!

    Dan where were you on the 19th about 6pm? And Players at the table you were at will not be creditable witnesses

  2. zachdealer

    well crap, I just got a new brown hoody for christmas. Now I can’t wear it in Vegas, the dude looks too much like me.

  3. Uncle Ray

    Maybe I’m not the best alibi, but on the 19th, Dan met Aunt Sue and me at the Mirage pretty close to 6.

  4. Uncle Ray

    Wait!! We met on the 17th at 6. I was in California on the 19th.

    Never Mind!!

  5. Bundas

    See Dan even Uncle Ray cant help you with an alibi … Dan I would get out of town if you can’t come up with something and if you tell the Police you were alone with a lady that night I know they wont believe that because we don’t …

  6. TroubleMaker

    Isn’t that Nam Le?

  7. Johnny Hughes

    Look for a loose player that thinks he is unluckly. The picture looks like a whiner and a slow roller. He probably entered a poker tournament right after the robbery or set in higher than usual in a cash game. He’ll be telling bad beat stories in that hat.