Amarillo Slim Slammed in Amarillo

by , Jan 22, 2009 | 7:07 pm

One would think that a man in his 80’s would stop going places where he might get his ass kicked. But when that man is Amarillo Slim, one would be wrong.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Mr. Preston was attempting to meet someone who owed him $3,000. The debtor was going to give him a four-wheeler as collateral, but he was beat down – broken jaw, hand, and thumb – and robbed instead. Evidently he had $8,000 in cash on him, which is always handy when meeting someone in a dark field, and he was wearing an $85,000 ring.

Amarillo Police Lt. Jim McKenny said, “That would not be that unusual for him to have that kind of money.” (But when going to collect a debt from people who are giving you a four-wheeler instead of cash? Okay, I’ll stop.) The lieutenant also said, “I think it probably has to do with the clientele and people he tends to hand with in the gambling circles.”

Hope Slim is feeling better, but I also hope he gets in with a better crowd, sooner rather than later. Remember this gem from 2006? Or this news from 2007?

11 Comments to “Amarillo Slim Slammed in Amarillo”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    I’ve known Slim half a century. We played poker together and I’ve interviewed him for my poker writings. He has been robbed more times than Wells Fargo. There have been brutal poker robberies all around Texas. There is a much lower class of people robbing folks than back in the day. Ole Slim is mighty careless with the truth. Only Englishmen believe his stories. But they are great stories. Folks outside Texas give him credit for all our old West Texas sayings, which I have collected forever. I wrote about him in Texas Poker Wisdom, my novel. That type of brutal robbery has happened to many of my friends, including older guys. Slim wsa robbed only a couple of years ago. He knows who did it. He will not tell. If Slim drops a dime, it will not be for the law. I would not want to be the fellow that robbed him.

    Johnny Hughes

  2. Carolyn Wolford

    I would hope that poker players just tried to think of Slim as the
    first ambassador that poker had. He was in the media and first
    brought poker to the public via media outlets including TV appearances which had never been done by a poker player. Yes, he
    has had a very interesting and colorful life, some of which are just so hysterically funny and some are so , well , u get the picture. As a pokerati reader, I really try to focus on the positive of poker and the history of poker is very fascinating and colorful.
    Robberies were always a risk when u drove from town to town to play. The robberies now are nothing like before, although none are pleasant. Slim will take care of himself, like so many of the legends of poker have and always will do.

  3. DanM

    What’s different now, Carolyn? Were the robberies “good robberies” in the old days? (and by old days, of course, i mean like pre-2003.)

  4. carmen

    Poor slimmy slim. When will he ever learn?

    I’m thinking not in this lifetime at all.

    But hey – it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks right?

  5. Johnny Hughes

    I might answer my little view. I’ve been robbed, but never hurt. Most folks I know have. Pat Renfro, a legend that I wrote about, was robbed here in Lubbock when he was past eighty. They handcuffed he and his wife to the bathroom pipes, and it took two days to find them. That was only a few years ago. Back in the day, we did not worry about that. When I was robbed at a big game that included future champ Bill Smith, Longoodie, and others, they were in and out in a few minutes.

    One fine man went to prison here for killing a heister. Another got off. A couple of other robbers have been killed. I cannot tell my best story about a dead robber. I tell the guys I play poker with about the robberies I read about on this site. Everyone is fearful. Now home invasions away from the game are a higher danger for these readers here. I wish there was a federal law against home invasions, like the carjacking law. Gamblers feel for thier families. Amarillo Slim always talked real tough, like he was wired into mob types, which he is. He is not too smart.

    He was thinking like the old road thief he is. He put a beat on the insurance company for that glass ring. That is why to have the glass ring.

  6. Johnny Hughes

    By the way, I am getting me a glass ring for my insurance. Sam used to sell diamonds at Binion’s during the World Series. Carolyn, remember him? His diamonds were real. Real for the lockbox. Fake for the robbers and the insurance company.

    I’ll bet even money that Slim made money on the deal.

  7. Carolyn Wolford

    lol, I remember Sam and his wares spread over a poker table.

  8. DanM

    That’s too funny. What year are we talking about here?

  9. Carolyn Wolford

    70’s, early 80’s

  10. Scott Chaffin

    I wish there was a federal law against home invasions

    Yes, I’m sure that another law, especially a federal one, would put an end to these dastardly doings.


  11. Kevin Mathers

    Wicked Chops Poker reported that Slim was at the Bellagio playing 5-10 Friday night.