Chip Change at the Wynn

by , Jan 12, 2009 | 6:55 pm

I hadn’t played at the Wynn in nearly a year … but did so last night, and much to my delight they got rid of their confusing $3 chips in the $1/$3 NL game. They now use the more standard $1 and $5 denominations.

Not sure when the change happened — presumably in 2008 — but I’ll be staying there for the next couple days, and not having to brush up on my base-3 mathematics makes the game that much more enjoyable.

(Played last night there for 2.5 hours … buy-in: $200, cash out: $268. Not bad, but I left a couple orbits too late, as my stacks were over $500 when I got that leaving feeling.)

4 Comments to “Chip Change at the Wynn”

  1. Rakewell

    See here:

    (last post on the page)

  2. DanM

    Ahh, very cool. Thanks for posting the link … I didn’t realize they had also removed the unlimited max buy-in in 1/3 and 2/5. Now some of the stuff people were saying at the table makes more sense.

  3. David Alexander

    I remember playing there once several years back… and you’d grab a stack of of chips thinking in your mind your making it $100 to go…

    And it was really only $60….

    Boy that screwed me up for most of the night….

    I’ll be in Vegas this coming weekend…. glad they changed it, might have to go visit…

    Last time I was there a few months back… I enjoyed playing at the hard rock.

  4. Jimmy S

    I noticed that as well in during my trip at the end of last year. I personally complained to the floor about the problem in 2007, and while I obviously can’t take credit for the change, I hope my voice was one of many that caused the change.

    As for the max buyins, the consensus I have heard is that that is usually a good idea as it allows the weaker players to stick around longer before they are bled dry. That said, the more skilled players tend to prefer playing deeper. It’s also worth noting that playing deeper can attract the “big gambler” type that wants to play for more money.

    A 300BB max in 2/5 is nice, as it allows deep play without being too scary. I also thought the $500 max for 1/3 is nice as well. Buying in for a rack just makes sense, giving a decent stack of 166BB.

    Overall seems like good changes that more of the industry would be smart to adopt.

    Also, for anyone interested, Tunica still has some 1/2 no max buyin games.