El Paso Poker Robbery

by , Jan 20, 2009 | 6:19 pm

No confirmation or details … but we are hearing our investigative internet detective robots are telling us that a room in Phil Gordon’s hometown of El Paso was robbed over the weekend or last week. More info as and if any comes in.

Without a doubt, as the poker bill gets argued in Texas this year, citizen safety will be a key issue. It’s just not right that police/hired guns aren’t allowed to protect a group of people gathering to play a game. Remember, to get this thing really going, we need a few hundred more emails reminding joe.straus@house.state.tx.us, jose.menendez@house.state.tx.us, tx@pokerplayersalliance.org, and Legalizeit@pokerati.com that you whole-heartedly support efforts to legitimize and protect the game of poker in Texas, and see it as a matter of sensible, responsible governance.

2 Comments to “El Paso Poker Robbery”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    You learn something new every day, I didn’t picture him as being from Texas, he seemed more of the California type to me.

  2. DanM