Tao of Pokerati: Aussie Rules Poker

by , Jan 12, 2009 | 6:53 am

In this special episode, I begin interviewing possible Benjo scabs should the Tao of Pokerati’s non-American correspondent go on strike and find none other than Garthmeister J sitting with a big stack during the first break in a $110, 100-player Binion’s tourney. Our favorite work-vacationing Aussie gets his jabs in, calling Benjo his favorite Tao of Pokerati personality “that crazy French guy on crank”, while learnin’ us on why American beer is like sex in a canoe and why Binion’s will always hold a special place in his poker heart.

Book 9: Coup d’ePoker (feat. Garthmeister J)
Episode 9.1: Poker on, Garth 4:24


Also, an extra-special guest appearance reminding us that Tao of Pokerati is the favorite poker podcast of former members of Public Enemy, and that black could theoretically be a foreign accent, too.

4 Comments to “Tao of Pokerati: Aussie Rules Poker”

  1. Garthmeister J.

    Just pointing out that my expression is because I am literally sucking out on someone at the moment.

  2. Pierre Fromage

    Viva la France! The Australian racist is not as good as Benjo. Neither are you.

  3. DanM

    I don’t think anybody disagrees, Benjo, I mean Pierre … Pauly and I just have to be ready for when PokerRoad lures you away with the big bucks.

  4. DanM

    And btw, I still can’t believe no one is threatened by Flavor Flav.